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vigilant in a sentence

You will have to be vigilant in your work in order to earn an A in this class.

However, no amount of childproofing can replace vigilant supervision as a means of maintaining child safety. Being vigilant with your skin care and following a daily regimen will usually deter skin eruptions and other irritations. Most of these celebrities have taken their stories public in hopes that they will help other women be more vigilant in having themselves checked for breast lumps. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Vigilant definition is - alertly watchful especially to avoid danger. By being vigilant, you can reduce many of the risks associated with this type of fraud.

Trustees should be vigilant to ensure they remain informed of any specific requirements. Be vigilant. Concentrate to find all hidden words in given letters and connect them anyway you like to catch the word! Vigilant sentence examples vigilant But he watched all public incidents with a vigilant eye, and seized every passing opportunity of exposing departures from … All staff need to be very vigilant about bogus calls. He watched vigilant, didn’t rest easy, especially because one of those break- ins had been just that very year. Therefore set lookouts and watches, and be vigilant against suspicious characters.. We must all remain vigilant against such elements, while upholding our high values. vigilant in the face of discrimination and persecution! Examples of vigilant in a sentence: 1. Be vigilant when you bring him back in, and give him a loud firm "NO" if he looks like he is going to pee, then take him right back outside and give him the command to go.

, After the third robbery, the owner of the store finally realized that he hadn’t been vigilant enough about security and installed a cutting-edge alarm system.

Be vigilant. Most computer OS's have update notification programs that let you know when updates are necessary; but it pays to be vigilant and alert.

Principle #3: The defender must be constantly vigilant; the attacker can strike at will. If all else fails, and if you are vigilant about looking for slugs in the garden, you can physically remove them from your garden when you see them. If you keep poultry or domestic birds please remain vigilant for signs of the disease. vigilant to prevent a stranger from mating with his or her partner.

A child who cannot have dairy will have difficulty getting the necessary amount of calcium and vitamin D, unless the vigilant parent provides tempting foods containing these nutrients. 92. Surface piercings require vigilant care to prevent rejection and migration.

Disney is extremely vigilant about keeping their songs off of free downloading sites, but there are still places you can download this track.

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Hatteras and Johnson were informed how matters stood, and it was resolved to maintain a vigilant watch. vigilant in order to prevent sales to the underage. Those with HIV are advised to be particularly vigilant. Synonym Discussion of vigilant. The archdeacon had in Quasimodo the most submissive slave, the most docile lackey, the most vigilant of dogs. Always ask about sterilization procedures and the use of clean needles and new inks, and be vigilant about the needles and inks used on you. Her vigilant attitude towards her academics is inspiring and will serve her well in the future. You’ll enjoy this brain training game and test your spelling as well. 9 people chose this as the best definition of vigilant: On the alert, as for dang... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Being vigilant about portion size and frequency of meals is very important as well.

Protecting yourself from identity theft is possible, if you remain vigilant. You should be vigilant and not execute any e-mail attachments that seem suspicious.

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