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(CNN)Tilikum, the killer whale involved in the deaths of three people, including SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010, has died, SeaWorld reported Friday.

[7], Tilikum was a large bull orca; the largest in captivity. Many people expressed sadness over the whale's passing on social media Friday, while others labeled Tilikum "a murderer.

He resumed performing at SeaWorld Orlando in April 2012. At Sealand, he lived with two older female orcas named Haida II and Nootka IV.

Tilikum, who long was billed to the ticket-buying public as another Shamu, will now likely be remembered under his own name. 2020 National Geographic Partners, LLC.

", "Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite gets in deep with 'Blackfish, "Seaworld's Profits Drop 84% After 'Blackfish' Documentary", "Barenaked Ladies' SeaWorld gig is off after viewing 'Blackfish, "Tilikum, Subject of Documentary 'Blackfish,' Very Ill – SeaWorld of Hurt", "SeaWorld: Tilikum, orca that killed trainer, has died", "Tilikum the SeaWorld orca's cause of death revealed", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tilikum_(killer_whale)&oldid=983639670, Wikipedia pending changes protected pages, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 11:22. The film gave a disturbing portrayal of the captivity of the killer whales in SeaWorld.

Just a few months prior to the birth of Kyuquot, Tilikum was involved in the first incident involving a death. As society's understanding of orcas continues to change, SeaWorld is changing with it. But Tilikum's tragic life also made a difference in the world. SeaWorld has announced the passing of Tilikum #RIPTilikum #Blackfish".

The incident was documented in the 2013 film Blackfish.

#RIPTilikum pic.twitter.com/Duj9KOEJbo, We're saddened to announce the passing of Tilikum, a beloved member of the SeaWorld family for 25 years. An autopsy found numerous wounds, contusions, and abrasions covering his body that were allegedly caused by Tilikum. [27] Despite numerous cameras around and inside the pool, that are supposed to monitor orca's wellbeing, SeaWorld claims the event wasn't captured.

While at Sealand of the Pacific, Tilikum sired his first calf when he was about eight or nine years old. [39] He was paired with his grandson Trua and was often seen performing alongside him during the finale of the new One Ocean show.

[50][51] The cause of death was bacterial infection.

Tilikum was at the bottom of the social structure, and Haida II and Nootka IV behaved aggressively towards him, includ…

Tilikum was captured when he was two years old, along with two other young orcas, by a purse-seine net in November 1983, at Berufjörður, Iceland. About a year later, he was transferred to Sealand of the Pacific in Victoria, British Columbia. In a Twitter post on Friday, the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals shared a photo of the whale with the message: "R.I.P. Tilikum had been linked to two other deaths. Spurring SeaWorld along, California had banned captive breeding of orcas in 2016. Read more about orca culture in the wild. Tilikum was best known for causing the death of a SeaWorld trainer named Dawn Brancheau. [36][37] Brancheau's autopsy indicated death by drowning and blunt force trauma. Tilikum was part of captive breeding efforts and is thought to have sired 21 calves, 11 of which died before he did, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Tilikum became a part of SeaWorld 25 years ago, according to the company.

He was captured in Iceland in 1983 at Hafnarfjörður, near Reykjavík. SeaWorld announced that Tilikum, who was thought to be 36 years old, died early in the morning surrounded by trainers and veterinarians. [14][15][16][17] Tilikum was involved in three of those deaths. Tilikum (c. December 1981[1] – January 6, 2017), nicknamed Tilly,[2] was a captive orca, who spent most of his life performing at SeaWorld Orlando. The medical examiner reports that no drugs or alcohol were found in Dukes' system. March 31, 2010— -- SeaWorld's killer whale Tilikum broke its trainer's jaw, fractured part of her vertebra and dislocated one of her elbows and a knee while thrashing … Because of his story, attendance at SeaWorld and whale shows slid over the past few years, protests were launched, musicians boycotted the parks, and finally the company announced that it would begin phasing out the animal-based entertainment. [4] Tilikum was involved in the deaths of three people: Keltie Byrne[5] – a trainer at the now-defunct Sealand of the Pacific, Daniel Dukes – a man trespassing in SeaWorld Orlando,[6] and SeaWorld Orlando trainer Dawn Brancheau. The three orcas submerged her, dragging her around the pool and preventing her from surfacing.

[46][47], SeaWorld announced in March 2016 Tilikum's health was deteriorating, and it was thought he had a lung infection due to bacterial pneumonia, a common cause of death in captive and wild whales and dolphins. The letter implores SeaWorld to release Tilikum from his tank, stating, "I hope it doesn't take another tragic death for SeaWorld to realize it shouldn't frustrate these smart animals by keeping them [confined] in tanks. According to CNN, Byrne, 20, “had slipped and fallen into the orca tank” at Sealand. There are reports that he would spend hours on end just lying on the surface of the water. He suffered bullying by other captive whales and stress from being separated from his wild family, according to his trainers. [31][32] Brancheau was killed following a Dine with Shamu show. Tilikum was captured off the coast of Iceland and sired 21 calves in captivity. On February 24, 2010, Tilikum pulled SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau into his pool and killed her. [33][34][35] Some witnesses reported seeing Tilikum grab Brancheau by the arm or shoulder. (CNN) Tilikum, the killer whale involved in the deaths of three people, including SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010, has died, SeaWorld reported Friday. Tilikum was heavily featured in CNN Films' 2013 documentary Blackfish, which claims that orcas in captivity suffer psychological damage and become unnaturally aggressive. Heartbreaking news. [43], Tilikum and the captivity of other orcas is the main subject of the documentary film Blackfish, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013[44] and caused a drop in SeaWorld attendance and revenue.

Trainer Keltie Byrne. Tilikum was moved to SeaWorld Orlando, Florida, on January 9, 1992. And yet the whale's trainers were loathe to label Tilikum as a monster.

In May 2016, it was reported Tilikum's health was improving.

And that transformation wasn't smooth. [3] He was subsequently transferred in 1992 to SeaWorld Orlando, Florida. Instead, many began to question the whole system of how he was raised and displayed. His first calf born in Orlando was to Katina. Tilikum died at the Florida attraction in January 2017. After almost a year in a tank at the Hafnarfjördur Marine Zoo, he was transferred to Sealand of the Pacific, in Oak Bay, a suburb of the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island, Canada. In 1999, Tilikum was also blamed for the death of a 27-year-old man whose body was found floating in a tank at SeaWorld, the apparent victim of a whale's "horseplay," authorities said then.

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