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Track your ranks and reviews from iTunes, Stitcher and more. Caitlin Doughty - Caitlin is an author, blogger, and mortician who voiced Death in episode 7. However, the aesthetics are not enough to sustain the show; without even reading any background information on it, I was able to easily tell what it really was—a visual accompaniment to a podcast. The dialogue is heinous, almost clinical at times. Duncan Trussell teamed up with Pendelton Ward of Adventure Time fame and created what many are calling the greatest, spiritual-based series on Television.

Pauly Shore - Pauly was surprisingly GREAT in this episode. However, “Midnight Gospel” is actually a clumsy translation of its star Duncan Trussell’s podcast into an animated sci-fi fantasy format. They make you want to hang out and party with them, every time it seems like they are having such a great time!

Damien is really into Ceremonial Magic and is another of my favorite guest on Duncan Trussell Family Hour.

Stephen Root is the voice of Bill Taft and is also credit with "various character". If you are at all a fan of Duncan Trussell, or his podcast Duncan Trussell Family Hour, you know he has a great and very distinctive voice. Next week, we will be jumping into each episode individually and discussing it. Damien is a fascinating person and if you are unfamiliar with his story, I would suggest going and researching him. What Disney’s Fantasia is to classical music, “Midnight Gospel” is to “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour.”. We'll be dedicating an article to each episode and discuss what we've taken from them and also discuss theories and ideals others have talked about after watching. She was a psychiatrist before passing on a couple of years ago. Episode 8 seems to be most people's favorite episode and is taken from 2 different podcast where Duncan had her as a guest. Ram Dass - Ram Dass appears in Episode 8 as himself.

This is a quick look at what The Midnight Gospel is about and if you love the show as much as we do, we are truly HOPING we get more seasons! Christina Pazsitzky, Known by her stage name, Christina P. voices Bobua and other characters. They can do that, even if they don’t have a penny.”) it is the rapport between Clancy and his mother that makes this episode bearable. Let's look at the Recurring characters: Phil Hendrie voices the Universe Simulator and is also credited with (various characters)  Once we locate a list of which other characters, we'll update this article. Dante Pereira-Olsen- Dante is a child actor who is most famous for his role in Joker alongside Joaquin Phoenix. The show is beautiful, giving you plenty to look at while you listen to the podcast guests drone on and on.

This is just a brief look at the concept of The Midnight Gospel and there is a whole lot of information and knowledge that can be found in every episode. As excited as we were to see many of these names, several were no surprise but there were a couple that we were blown away by the amazing, memorable performance.

Warning though, Episode 8 will definitely make you shed a few tears.
You can help The Midnight Gospel Wiki by expanding it. Sure enough, it was Pauly and he was hilarious! Doughty, who was recently featured in the Campanil, is a leader of the death positive movement and spends her episode explaining the harms of the death industrial complex. Thank you for visiting and we hope you take something away from our site that you can use to make your daily life better! The series is set in a fantastical universe using interview clips from Trussell’s podcast, Duncan Trussell Family Hour. Joey Diaz, who is one of Duncan Trussell's' best friends makes his appearance as Steve, Chuck Charles, and several other characters. However, “Midnight Gospel” is actually a clumsy translation of its star Duncan Trussell’s podcast into an animated sci-fi fantasy format.

You can find this amazing series, streaming on Netflix and it's actually the very first animated production from Pendelton Ward, exclusively for Netflix.

Keeping in time with the Mills Community since 1917.

Netflix’s new show “Midnight Gospel” bills itself as a spiritual successor to creator Pendleton Ward’s “Adventure Time.” The show proudly displays a classic CalArts animation style, complete with neon colors and a gauzy filter.

The best episode of the show is its last, “Mouse of Silver.” It features a de-aged Clancy, interviewing his deceased mother as she walks him through the stages of life.

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He played Prince Jam Roll and if you haven't seen this episode, I'd suggest watching it as soon as possible. Each interview that is featured on The Midnight Gospel is derived from Duncan Trussell's podcast, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour.

One of Duncan's best friends is Joe Rogan, who introduced most of us to Duncan Trussell, so we would be remiss if we didn't also discuss Joe and his take on things. Netflix’s new show “Midnight Gospel” bills itself as a spiritual successor to creator Pendleton Ward’s “Adventure Time.” The show proudly displays a classic CalArts animation style, complete with neon colors and a gauzy filter. If you are interested in diving into Ram Dass and his view on life, the afterlife and everything in between, head over to our Book Club page and you'll find all of his work available for purchase.

Trudy Goodman - Trudy (with her juicy booty) starred in Episode 4, alongside Pauly Shore, as Trudy the Love Barbarian. Now he's really becoming much more famous and we are so happy for him, if anyone deserves it, it's Duncan Trussell! Now let's take a look at the cast and characters that make The Midnight Gospel so amazing!

“Midnight Gospel” features a self-insert of Trussell in the character of an alien named Clancy who travels through space, time and dimensions in various goofy avatars to find people to interview for his space podcast.

The story of Midnight Gospel revolves around the main character, Clancy Gilroy who lives in one of an infinite number of dimensions called "The Chromatic Ribbon".

Listen to The Midnight Gospel, read its reviews and see all its charts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more. She is insightful, loving, and hilarious.

The dialogue (interviews) are taken from earlier episodes of Duncan Trussell's podcast, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour and features many special guests including Jason Louv, Drew Pinsky, Stephen Root, Phil Hendrie, Caitlin Doughty, Trudy Goodman, Michael Marconio, Maria Bamford, Deneen Fendig, David Nichtern, and the great Joey Diaz!

I'll try to tackle one episode per week, but I want them to be very thorough and informative so I may spend a little extra time researching and writing them out.

We love Duncan and hope Netflix signs him up for many more seasons of the greatest adult cartoon of my lifetime, The Midnight Gospel! When I first watched this one, I thought it sounded a lot like Pauly Shore but wasn't sure as I hadn't really heard Duncan talk about him too much.

In fact, his voice sounds so good that he didn't have to alter it one bit when he became the voice of "Clancy Gilroy", in his new Netflix series, The Midnight Gospel. The potential of Doughty’s interview is wasted on TV; her valuable ideas are sucked into a void where the plot should be.

Netflix series "The Midnight Gospel" pairs Duncan Trussell's deep philosophical podcast conversations with Pendleton Ward's psychedelic animation. As unlikely as the combination appears, it … I think with the timing of the release, combined with everyone being home already because of COVID 19, The Midnight Gospel was able to reach a much broader audience. Will Oldham - Better known as Bonnie "Prince" Billy, voiced Bubble Max in Episode 6.

Every episode ends with Clancy Gilroy barely escaping the planet before an apocalyptic event destroys it or him. In the first episode, Clancy travels to Earth in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, where he meets the president. While there isn't a continuous storyline, every episode is centered around Clancy Gilroy's travels through different planets found within the simulator, and the sentient beings he encounters inhabiting these worlds are interviewed for his spacecast. Anne Lamotte - Famed writer Anne appeared as Anne Deer Dog in Episode 2. Welcome to the official "The Midnight Gospel" Fan Site! Doug Lussenhop voices Daniel Hoops and also other characters.

Where have all the sword swallowers gone? The Midnight Gospel centers on Clancy, a spacecaster with a malfunctioning multiverse simulator who leaves the comfort of his home to interview beings living in dying worlds. He's just an overall great human and this can be verified by any of his fans who have had the honor of meeting him in person after one of his Comedy shows or other events he regularly attends.

Attualità...news...politica affronteremo tutto insieme in The Midnight Gospel, In questo episodio vedremo la vicenda generale in se è per se...nel prossimo l’evoluzione della vicenda e i risultati dell’autopsia. “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour” features Trussell interviewing everyone from actors to authors on trendy subjects like mindfulness and Eastern spirituality. Christina is a Canadian-American stand-up comedian and podcaster that is super funny.

David Nichtern - David was in a couple of episodes, he voiced His Divine Grace, God's Scientist in Episode 1, and David in Episode 6.

Through this multiverse simulator, Clancy travels through infinite worlds who are about to experience their own apocalypse and Clancy wants to interview a few of these planets, residents, for his spacecast, (can I interview you for my spacecast?).

This serves as less of a plot and more of a loose framework that provides space for Trussell to insert clips of his podcast synced up to animated characters or for droning, senseless dialogue that may as well be from an SNL NPR skit.

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