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the 100 fanfic clarke abandoned

When I woke up, my head was resting on Finn's chest. She strode through the fence and into the woods. It was obvious who the true princess of the camp was. Clarke ignored her as she grabbed some wood from a stack of branches cut to size and began to get a new fire up and going.

You can moon over Clarke later.

I slowly made my way to the edge of camp, trying to seem nonchalant as I attempted to get a good look at where Spacewalker was taking his little girlfriend. It was large enough for at least ten people could enter, but due to her isolation she was pretty much the only one who lived and knew about the cave. Good. Damn.

"This plan is insane," she said finally. 'My fault.'

They walked out the cove and headed out to the forest. All you care about is your sister!

That did not sound good. Ask anyone here.". "We don't have time for that. I was the fastest, the others falling behind me.

She …

"No, O was mad. Oh shit. She saw his face was conflicted.

"Of course, I tried to leave the area but well, we're surrounded by grounders in every direction. She asked in disbelief. Wiping her face with the back of her sleeve, she came out from the tree cover and stomped into the river to get the red seaweed. Finn proceeded to pull out an improvised tent and tried to get them all as covered by it as possible before the fog came and killed them. Clarke knew that Ember's asthma would most likely led her to an early death. Jaha had done monstrous things on the ark, but then again so had Bellamy on the ground. This girl was officially crazy. ", Raven's eyes widened in horror as the boys both looked downcast and sickened by what they were talking about. Raven realized that they were heading for some sort of bunker set into the side of a small hill. She's all grown up now and is the most feared/accomplished assassin that has ever walked the land. Her behavior earlier today concerned him. The morning sun woke her from her dreamless sleep. The ground had been quickly destroying her faith in humanity and she was so very tired of fighting everyone and trying to get them to do the right thing. He didn't care about the lives of people who got in his way.

We'll never find it.". "Tell me about Clarke. ", Bellamy shifted uneasily. I rolled my eyes. But it felt good. Bellamy growled at her.

She took a knife fashioned from the wreckage, some torn fabric, and a day's worth of food. Despite all their efforts, they had been unable to stop the culling. He hadn't been hiding his movement. Was she taken with you?" No one. She was sitting up in a tree holding a dagger waiting for something larger to come so she could pounce on it, drawn by the sounds of the trapped rabbit. Bellamy grew fed up with the long wait and poked his head out to see what was going on since the fog didn't seem to have descended. She pointed to the jagged poor excuse of a knife strapped to Clarke's waist. Lincoln was loyal as they come, but he could be very protective of her over trivial things. Clarke leaves the 100 early in season 1 frustrated and disheartened. Octavia defended herself. My brain was still a bit fuzzy, as if it was taking longer than usual to restart this morning, taking more effort than usual to focus on the world around me. With that she went down the ladder before they could respond. Monty echoed him. ", Jasper frowned while Monty replied quickly. "No, I think she left because of Bellamy. This is the beast's territory.".

Are you going to stand by and let people die and do nothing again? Bellamy's face hardened. "So will you join or would you rather hang out here?" He nodded and shaking off the effects of sleep did his best to get ready and on his feet as quickly as he could. For the first time since hitting the ground she felt the ever present weight on her back lifting. "Besides if I had known you were coming I would have asked you to join me. Maybe she could use some of our special tonic." She loved this medical stuff. She was miserable and going to make everyone else that way as well. We slipped away from camp and searched the nearby area for the edible nuts, flowers and berries that Monty had pointed out to us on our first venture out into the woods. Her father's death and her year in solitary would mean nothing if those in the ark died from lack of air despite their efforts. "All that whatever the hell we want, you just care about saving your own skin."

I'm going to help you."

She was distracted from her thoughts by the sight of a panther approaching the rabbit ready to strike.

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