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Seriously.”, They’re calling the album Little Yachty because they feel like Sugar Ray was a yacht-rock band for the Nineties, at least spiritually and aesthetically. You gotta curate it. The day after he emerged following a third place finish in the competition, Shepherd called him with some shocking news. Send us a tip using our anonymous form.

They’re quite content in their place in music history, responsible for still-in-heavy-rotation late ’90s anthems like “Fly,” “Every Morning” and “Someday,” and the result is a comfortable batch of songs that won’t really surprise anybody in their delivery. Sign up for our newsletter. King, Joins Rock and Blues Icons on New Album ‘Blues for a King’, Turn Me On: Singer/Songwriter Grayson Capps, Ronnie Wood: Artist, Painter, Author, Rolling Stone (The Interview), Q&A: Dion on His NYC Roots and His Star-Studded New Album, ‘Blues With Friends’, Was Brian Jones Murdered?

Be a part of the amazing Sugaray story! That suspicion increased as they piled up hit singles over the next few years -- "Falls Apart" and "Someday" in 1999/2000, "Answer the Phone" and "When It's Over" in 2001 -- and when the bottom finally fell out with 2003's In the Pursuit of Leisure, which failed to generate any big hit, it became clear that it wouldn't be long before that hits disc came along. They originally played rap-rock, with early singles like “Iron Mic” and “Mean Machine Sugar Ray sold millions of records in the late 1990s and early 2000s thanks to massive radio hits like “Fly,” “Every Morning,” “Someday,” and “When It’s Over,” but their fortunes plummeted after 2003’s In the Pursuit of Leisure failed to generate a hit and Atlantic dropped them. Mark McGrath, Sugar Ray. Billboard ran a great write-up on how this somewhat surprise album came about: “Two days after I came out of the (Big Brother) house, the guitar player said, ‘Dude, you’re not gonna believe this…’” McGrath says. “There was over-saturation. Want more Rolling Stone? Originally forming in 1986. 2020 Grammy nominated album, "Somebody Save Me. “We figured out the economics of it that made it work for everybody. Around the time that "Every Morning" proved Sugar Ray weren't a one-hit wonder in 1998 -- following the 1997 smash "Fly," it was suggested that, at the very least, they'd be a two-hit wonder -- it became clear that the way to listen to Sugar Ray would be a greatest-hits compilation. “As time passes, other people start feeling that same way. “‘They love it.’ I was just staring to re-acclimate myself to the outside world and was like, ‘Did something happen while I was in there? We’re still here.

Is this Jerry Seinfeld’s Bizarro World? Sugar Ray is returning with a new album, Little Yachty, their first in over a decade. The Electoral College: Save it or Dump It? Neil Young + Crazy Horse have released "Return to Greendale," a live album/concert film documenting the innovative live production Young and his band mates gave its 2003 album, a 10-song rock opera set in a fictitious California sea town. What's really nice about Greatest Hits is that it collects those aforementioned great guilty pleasures in one place.

These songs are all the more jarring because the collection is not presented in chronological order -- a move that wouldn't have been a problem if the disc didn't dip back to those early stilted hard rock cuts, since "Mean Machine" really spoils the mood that "Every Morning" sets. ', About a year and a half ago, the producers of Celebrity Big Brother asked Mark McGrath to stage a fake recording session so they could shoot a quick sizzle reel of him before the reality show began filming. “I was hoping as we went along it was going to get bigger, but it kind of plateaued. “That keeps them motivated. And in a bizarre twist, their comeback was due to a famous reality TV show: Celebrity Big Brother . You can’t just throw on a bunch of people and say, ‘It’s the Nineties!’ You gotta make it special.

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