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However, she is a brave person and isn't afraid of powerful people such as Charioce XVII. A thankful Nina enters into a daze afterwards because of how handsome and amazing Chris was.

The close proximity between Nina and the demon causes Nina to become so flustered she inadvertently transforms into a dragon. On their way back to Bacchus's carriage, Nina spots a woman leaving and decides to interrogate Hamsa for information. https://xn--bck3aza1a2if6kra4ee0hf.gamewith.jp/article/show/70546, http://gbf-wiki.com/index.php?%A5%CB%A1%BC%A5%CA%A1%A6%A5%C9%A5%E9%A5%F3%A5%B4%20%28SSR%29, https://xn--bck3aza1a2if6kra4ee0hf.gamewith.jp/article/show/69691, http://gbf.wiki/index.php?title=Nina_Drango&oldid=361726, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.

Dromos is used against the gods and leads to Charioce's victory in the war. − No es muy difícil adivinarlo– Charioce, quien siempre mantenía un rictus serio sin importar qué dejó entrever una minúscula mueca de sorpresa al escuchar la suave voz femenina flotar en el aire−. Some content is for members only, please sign up to see all content. Upon changing the subject, Nina tells Bacchus what Mugaro did earlier for the demon slaves.

Elle est produite par le studio MAPPA avec une réalisation de Keiichi Sato, un scénario de Keiichi Hasegawa et des compositions de Yoshihiro Ike.

She is annoying, pointless and ruins everything she touches. What if the story was about the plight of the demons? The journey knocks Nina out temporarily. Grid View List View. All time). Nina wakes up the next morning inside Rita's clinic.

rage of bahamut shingeki no bahamut charoice xvii anime anime aesthetic nina drango nina. Valuing a childish crush over the lives of friends, and arguably over the fate of the people in the kingdom. However, Mugaro is found bleeding to death shortly after by Favaro.

At the docks, a full-blooded dragon folk challenges Nina to a fight.

All posts. Both Nina and Mugaro go to his location in the end and see him fighting Charioce. A main character that is painful to watch. Jeanne is sorry while Nina is confused at the situation. Read more information about the character Nina Drango from Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul? You must be logged in to leave comments. She and Jeanne are taken back to their cells but remain only for a short while before Rita shows up to rescue them, along with Favaro and Kaisar. When asked how by the recently returned Azazel, Nina says it's because she has learned what it's like to feel loved. That night, Nina eats with Rita, Bacchus and Hamsa and notices that man gave a very expensive ring as payment. Without explaining to her his plan or why he left Mugaro alone for 4 days, Azazel arrives and instructs her to wait for his signal on top of a particular tower, hoping to use her power once more to defeat Charioce. Azazel demands Nina's assistance in liberating the demons through her dragon transformation.

Virgin Soul refers to Nina Drango and Charioce XVII/Chris. Cygames Créateur original.

Azazel remembered. According to her mother, Nina's transformation is triggered because she is reminded of the death of her father and goes on a rampage "as if to avoid painful memories". The pair proceed to spend time in the slums.

Сборник связанных между собой зарисовок о раннем появлении Люцифера в сюжете аниме.

Many claim that he doesn’t deserve it, but if something I know of love is that you don’t need reasons to love someone, you can not give concrete reasons: it’s unspeakable. Mugaro uses his power to immobilize the Onyx Knights but the gods use this as an opportunity to kidnap him and take him up into their land. This is my opinion. Jeanne manages to earn their trust and the leader of the group takes them to a room filled with beautiful lights.

She is so duuuuuumb! Soon after, Bahamut begins launching projectiles everywhere and one knocks the carriage out of the sky.

#nina drango #Shingeki no Bahamut #rage of bahamut #snbedit #MyGif #my innocent child #she suffered a lot in this ep.

When the festival begins, Nina spends time with Chris and dances with him.

bahamut returns amid the war going on between Charioce and the gods and demons, instigated by El's death and driven by the desire to be liberated from the king's tyrannical rule once and for all. But I was tempted and provoked by someone else! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! Nina Drango is a character from Shingeki no Bahamut: GENESIS. Sato Keiichi Directeur du son. Cute guys make me blush when they're kind to me! Nina wants to dance with Charioce again but is rejected and becomes saddened. Nina doesn't even try to control her behavior and eats gluttonously before dancing with the king. Nina: 3 turns Dragon: 180 sec : Lvl 1: Nina: Gain 20% Skill Precision Boosted … Link. Nina's more heroic, Azazel doesn't disappear, Belphegor doesn't die, Kaisar's more self aware. Nina reveals she is no longer flustered in his presence (due to falling in love with Chris). The name Nina comes from the Spanish word for "little girl". Nina wakes up to find Mugaro missing and that she is now wearing Mugaro's divine outfit. But what if she can't talk? • [Drabble], “I’m not here to play your games, Mhira. It is used exclusively for, Guaranteed triple attack regardless of Triple Attack Lowered debuffs, Can deal big bonus DMG when DMG dealt in one turn reaches a certain amount. She apologizes and heads for a tower in order to spot the Ragged Demon. What's the wicked power Azazel was talking about? Elle est diffusée entre octobre et décembre 2014 au Japon et dans les pays francophones en simulcast par Wakanim. And why would Nina love an evil and cruel king like Charioce? [4], Favaro visits Nina and the two acknowledge Charioce's intentions to kill more people after this. After passing Amira's message onto Favaro, Nina returns to the capital city and assists in repairing it. When she enters Bacchus's carriage, Nina discovers Mugaro's frilly dress and is instantly reminded of the time they spent shopping together. Zerochan has 58 Nina Drango anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery.

C'est une jeune fille énergique, boute-en-train et blagueuse. I literally want to downgrade the rating of this anime due to this pathetic excuse for a MC. Nina rescues Favaro, Bacchus and Hamsa and sets them all down on the surface.

Nina decides to explain her origins and what triggers her transformation. She keeps getting more irrational as the series progresses. Zerochan has 58 Nina Drango anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery.

Nina is left a tad confused and a bit more curious when Mugaro insists on leaving the area soon after. Nina is a hard worker and is always happy to help others, although she can be quite dense at times.

Estaba viva, todo había acabado, pensaba sin parar. Her efforts are in vain and Mugaro dies. Nina resolves to stop the king and decides to travel to Eibos. She is willing to understand Chris/Charioce XVII and all wrongdoings and support him to the point of Nina choosing Charioce XVII over the world.

Dromos' blast obliterates Bahamut's body. On the verge of another transformation, Nina storms out of the clinic with a blanket and, according to Rita, with tears in her eyes. Upon her return to her gang's hideout, Nina reveals her ability to transform. Nina is a 17 year old girl of average height with vermilion eyes and short pink hair that she cuts asymmetrically. She, Bacchus and Hamsa search for Mugaro and promptly chase him down.

wheres the charioce xvii appreciation .

At some point, Nina met Favaro Leone and begged to become his apprentice so she could become a bounty hunter and make money. With the gods defeated, the Onyx Knights turn their attention to the escaped prisoners and try to recapture them. Rita meets Kaisar in an unusual way. Nina falls so hard for Charioce and she tries to impress him with a cup of coffee made by her personally... but he only drinks tea and that's makes things a little harder. It fulfills a function within the story and will advance the action and characters.

Nina was left traumatized by the experience and could not control her dragon transformation as a result.

When overly bothered, this purehearted maiden involuntarily transforms into a raging dragon—something she fears more than anything else.

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Then, with both of them, a romantic story is born that has been well managed since ep.

Nina and Charioce are seen unconscious and lying next to each other.

Most male characters have a Blush value of 1 or more.

Kaiser Lidfard. When in dragon form, she'll gain the following bonuses: Charge Attack modifier increased from 450% to 900%, Charge Attack cap increased by ~10% (1,840,000). i thought i was the only one getting fed up with her plain STUPID behavior. By morning, Nina and Jeanne board Bacchus' carriage which is placed on the Village Elder's back. anime is in title perfect content here~ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOoLz08OKp5CEgBNFJQt3EA best discord.gg/BBnscWe

Nina is nearly killed but the Ragged Demon saves her thinking she was Mugaro.

Nina Drango. Her dragon form is three times the size of a regular human. When everyone around her goes into mourning, Nina is unable to shed any tears. She learns the woman is an old colleague and possibly lover of Bacchus, much to Bacchus' irritation.

The locals are fond of her and many remember her by name.

Nina begins talking about a multi-faced man she has trouble loving and asks for advice. Nina visibly struggles until she goes full force and sends the man tumbling onto the ground. contact@zerochan.net

Multi-chaptered.Will try posting each short chapter daily until finishing. Une seconde saison, Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul (神撃のバハムート VIRGI… Whenever she sees a handsome man, Nina's heart begins to race causing her not only to fluster but to also transform into a rampaging dragon. Nina is a newcomer in the Capital city Anatae who has begun helping people around town as a way to earn money.

i find him EXTREMELY under appreciated . While this new position grants her view of where the Ragged Demon is, it also grants the Orleans Knights view of where she is.

Nina also gets to see Charioce's face clearly and realizes he and Chris are one and the same.

A horrified Azazel realizes he must abort his plot against Charioce but fails to rescue the other participants.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Staff. Nina then takes Jeanne to meet the Dragon Village Elder who is said to have flown to the gods' land years ago. Do your knees hurt I didn’t think you’d prefer stan–, #might as well post the video of the whole scene, #i've watched the charinina part of this ep at least 5 times now and still not over it, #this was done in less than a minute in ms paint and i regret nothing, #happy bday Neru !! “You’re certainly right, Lord Azazel~ But where do you suppose those voices came from?”, "If only you knew what you made him feel. Nina hangs with Bacchus and Hamsa inside Mugaro's room and shares alcohol with them since no one is able to get Mugaro to talk. This shocks and saddens Nina. Charioce is able to subdue her dragon self and catches her when she turns back to normal. Nina's primary outfit is beige and black in color with caramel outlines.

Most popular Most recent. She learns that Charioce's mother was killed by Bahamut ten years ago and Nina notes that her father was killed too.

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