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So, I don't find the data very useful. Remember that Guide Dogs for the Blind, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and Dogs for the Disabled are routinely neutered, and this does not impair their ability to perform their duties. Or are mine the truth? Don't expect a complete cessation of undesirable behaviors after surgery. It is also used to control hormonal (testosterone) dependent diseases such as perianal adenomas. And THIS is being practised by "responsible breeders" -- well at least Kennel Control Registered breeders -- and a proliferation of 'pure bred dogs with serious genetic faults. And why wouldn't this be so, since it is true in horses and many other species. The term "neutering" is sometimes applied to both male and female animals. These poor benighted creatures are filling up the 'rescue' facilities and putting money into vets pockets :-(.

But, if the aggression in question is rooted in hormones (does happen sometimes) then neuter/spay could be the solution. What is important is our dogs health and welfare, and it is clear neutering is harmful to both health and behaviour. And none of my neutered rescue dogs have displays of aggression. I love the easy approach to training. To do with the importance of testosterone being important in developing full skeletal and muscle bulk, not a discussion that I will get into here.

He's stoved up with global arthritis. ( I say delaying as it is hard for people in Australia to elect to not castrate due to council regulations etc). None of my entire males had destructive behaviour.

None of my entire males were aggressive. (45+ with dogs) Respectfully, I consider most "bad" dogs are the result of irresponsible and/or willfully ignorant owners. All of my dogs have begged-because I want them to. Few male dogs were castrated when I grew up in the 1950s and when I had a young family in the 1960s .

Also, after being involved with dogs for 45-years, I have found most owners of intact male dogs do a minimum of basic obedience training with them.

The male-specific term is castration, while spaying is usually reserved for female animals. His breathing and heart rate will be closely monitored by the veterinary staff. This bloodwork provides a way to assess kidney and liver function prior to undergoing anesthesia, among other things. Initially there were 3 dogs in this class, all able to do off-lead work, sit and lie down next to each other, walk by each other without any incidents. This, to me, puts the validity of the complete study in question. Funny that. Unless you’re breeding your dogs or have some weird hangup about keeping your dog intact for nefarious reasons, you get your dog neutered. Most veterinarians recommend neutering at around six months of age. A short while ago a woman dropped by our dog club on one of the evenings that we hold beginners' dog obedience classes. I have been breeding/exhibiting and working dogs, worked in kennels, for veterinarians and as a groomer for most of my 63 years. It is a 100-item, behaviorally validated questionnaire that uses the dog owner's observations of a dog's behavior to provide assessments of a wide variety of canine behaviors. Granted, it was aluminum w/ styrofoam sandwiching and there was a female in heat outside that door. Letting you bitch wander (or even taking her out in public) when she is in oestrus frequently results in unwanted puppies. Both times he was on steroids for weeks. Without have read the actual research paper, it seems to me that the article IS well researched and informative! In order for the study to be meaningful it would need to be able to be replicated.

Not to mention when a young vet who had not been in practice for more than three years, bleats out the advice she 'learned' in vet school.

I don’t think there are enough responsible dog owners out there with unneutered pets in order to make any kind of real scientific study of this. As in previous studies, the new data clearly shows that the positive behavioral effects that were expected from neutering did not occur, and if anything, the behaviors of neutered male dogs tended to be considerably less desirable. The GSD not only has had aggression toward other dogs, but now also humans! Rescue dogs are neutered before being adopted out. It really needs to be carefully assessed on an individual basis i believe once the dog has fully matured. Also, who is to say an older dog who wakes up at home to find his "maleness" removed doesnt experience anger, resentment, and maybe even takes it out on intact dogs he comes across. And yes Dan G, the entire article is about 'anecdotal evidence' -- and yes it does raise more questions than it answers. However, shelters are inundated by dogs that are most commonly surrendered because they display undesirable behaviors.

Fixing Male Dogs Isn't a Proven Quick Cure-All, Say Vets, Demographics and Links Among Behavior Problems in Dogs. I appreciate your observations. If aggression is the result of fear then castration could make it worse because the the extra testosterone in their system boosts their confidence. Potential disadvantages to neutering can include: Despite these studies, neutering is considered to be the best option for the overall health and longevity of your dog. Dogs with undescended testicles, a condition known as cryptorchidism, will experience a procedure more similar to a canine spay, in which the veterinarian will likely have to cut open the abdomen to find the testicles. Neutering before maturity may be associated with increased risk of certain behaviors such as noise phobia. Article on "Neutering causes behavior problems in dogs", Peemail: Dogs and People Writing Messages in Urine.

Where I live, thousands of dogs are put down each year because homes can't be found for them despite rescue groups best efforts....this is cruel beyond words. Female dog neutering or ‘spaying’ a female animal involves removing the womb and ovaries (an ovaro-hysterectomy). I'm considering giving him soon temporary castration via injection or implant to see how it impacts his behaviour - if at all. Jenny your argument isn't any more valid than the article or some of the other commenters here either, your argument is anecdotical; I could say in my experience has been the opposite where all dogs I've had that have been fixed didn't have any aggressive behavior (although some of the aggressive behavior the author defines I would say is acceptable such as notifying myself if strangers approach the house, but it's completely happy to meet people when out on a walk at the trails or at the dog park). Please consult some peer reviewed veterinary journals and discuss further with at least 2-3 veterinarians board certified in behavior. I found this article/study to be interesting and until just recently would have questioned it. There were other problems that appeared more frequently in the neutered dogs, such as eating droppings or feces (its own or from other animals); rolling in droppings or other smelly substances; stealing food; barking persistently when alarmed or excited; or licking themselves in an obsessive manner. I stand by what was said earlier, in the scientific community the term cause has a precise meaning and to use the term incorrectly creates a problem with public understanding. For instance sighthounds and Siberian Huskies. Some neutered young, some neutered as old as nine years due to medical issues.

A dog that is not neutered is considered "intact.". I also believe many animals have a wide range of emotions. The canine over-population in developed Countries has nothing to do with accidental or unplanned mating of wandering dogs. No doubt the same applies to your comments about dogs escaping fences etc. With any anesthetic the risk of serious complications, including death, is always present. In conclusion, the questions I answered here did not really cover a lot of other influences. And he was aggressive before he was neutered. I do feel that my experience should carry some weight -- especially as the study' itself relied on dog owners' assessments of their own dogs' behaviour. However I did know a dog - nice dog, who was perpetually being attacked by other dogs, despite his being castrated.

None of my entire males were aggressive. Elizabeth and Anonymous DVM -- I've never known a vet whose advice I would rely on re 'behavioural' issues. As they age if aggression surfaces I would be have to ask what other intervening life events could have contributed to a In Sweden and many other countries dogs are NOT altered, this unnecessary surgery is a modern day thing because people are idiots and don't know how to manage their own dog! Where have all the puppies gone? Anecdotes are not the same as data and just because that’s what you’ve noted, doesn’t make it scientifically accurate. Dogs wandered and went home at night. The surgeon makes a small incision just in front of the scrotum, the sac that contains the testicles. I sooo agree. Then we ALL know those sort of people who always blame the "other dog" if their dog gets into a scuffle :-(. It is not in anyway useful or helpful. But what other data was included in the study to be able to determine whether the neutering or lack of it was actually related to the behavior? There are several ways to perform the surgical procedure in dogs.

If the aggression is based on territorial/guarding, then getting the dog fixed isn't likely to have an impact on it.

Most male animals (stallions, bulls, boars, rams, dogs, and tomcats) that are kept for companionship, work, or food production are neutered (castrated) unless they are intended to be used as breeding stock. Most dogs can resume normal activity five to ten days after surgery. Not yours. Oh so now we get to the real complaint about neutering dogs...puppies are no longer readily available for free or cheap prices. Ive also noticed my intact mini will try to hump neutered males, even ones he knew prior to being snipped. If you have a genetically compromised dog, by all means have it castrated. However, neutering male dogs has also become a routine suggestion of many veterinarians when their clients tell them that their dog has shown aggression — especially toward family members. The pattern of these results is quite clear: Neutering male dogs causes an increase in aggressive behavior, fearful behavior, over-excitability, and a variety of other miscellaneous, undesirable behaviors. If this GSD was off-lead, it would have gone for the other dog's jugglers, and I was completely baffled!

Why Is a Dog Combative and Aggressive toward Other Dogs? I have owned and trained over 20 dogs of my own, and worked some years as a "Behavioural Dog Trainer" specialising in family dogs with problems.

Neutered dogs were less likely to leave urine mark indoors, or to howl when left alone. Dogs got killed on the roads. You would need to have had a control group that had not been neutered equal to the test group in more than just size. This is a great place to start: dacvb dot org. Neutering should be considered if you are keeping any male dog as a pet. Neutering a dog will reduce his metabolism; however, obesity is the result of overfeeding and lack of physical activity. Even you point to many other factors in play such as socialization. It is important to me that they have manners, if not "obedience" training. my bitches were all spayed after their 2-3 litters and all puppies sold on neutering contracts by 1 year. Here are a couple more of mine. I heard of online dog training before, but never tried it until my vet recommended ►►► TeachMyDog . Why are so many people drawn to conspiracy theories in times of crisis? Because data was taken on dogs who had been castrated at ages up to 10 years, this meant that the researchers could also look at the effects of early versus late neutering.

Your pet will be sedated and anesthetized so he won't feel any pain or be aware of what is happening. Rest and restriction of activity are the primary post-operative care you should provide. I as a pet keeper and friend need a little help from my guys and man...the hormone thing will never let you get close to your unaltered dog. Veterinary Advice Online: Male Dog Neutering.

I also never taught my dogs the "sit" command, for the same reason.

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