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kenya budget 2020 pdf

Parliament’s Departmental Committees in their submission on the BUDGET2020/21 estimates reveal mounting pending bills. The Bill was tabled in the National Assembly on 6 May 2020 and is expected to be passed by the end of June 2020.

In financial year 2020/2021, Kenya’s national government is planning to spend 1,751 billion out of which KES. This calls for proper planning and putting in place contingency plans. Tax relief: Persons earning Ksh. 7.0% in 2019/2020 when the Big 4 Agenda gains momentum. 3.5 billion for community irrigation schemes, Ksh.

Budget brief: Kenya 2020 9. In FY 2019/2020 the Ministry of Health (MOH) was allocated KES.

In FY 2020/2021, revenue collection targets are going to be missed  by large margins due to Covid-19 virus outbreak which has effectively brought the economy to its knees.

Enter your email address and name below to be the first to know. NAIROBI-KENYA I Issue No. Your email address will not be published. The budget as a share of Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to decline to 28.1 per cent, from 32.4 per cent in 2018/19 financial year, a 4.2 per cent drop.

The pending bills consist of: Data from the Education ministry reveals that several public universities have accumulated pending bills amounting to Ksh19 billion on account of non-remittance of statutory deductions such as PAYE. 25 million supply walk through sanitizers to boarders. 5 billion, Kazi Mtaani for unemployed youths  in Urban settlements:  10 billion, Education Allocations to intern teachers and local artisans: 7.4 billion. Budget brief: Kenya 2020 6. 1.5 billion for flower and horticultural farmers. The 2019/2020 budget then in a nutshell seeks to address the following; 1. Required fields are marked *.

BAC worries that this may force the operator to pull out of the daily operations of the project. Treasury projects total revenues to wound up at Ksh.1.87 trillion shillings to include Ksh.1.62 trillion in tax revenues, Ksh.249.1 billion as ministerial appropriations in aid (A-i-A) and Ksh.36.1 billion as grants.

The economic recovery plan includes providing jobs to Kenyans and credits to businesses totaling to Ksh. The primary function of the Office is to provide professional services in respect of budget, finance and economic information to … 111.7 billion Which will be distributed as shown below: A total of 18.3 billion will be allocated to the manufacturing sector to promote local industries: Total of 52.8 billion allocation to food security is distributed as follows: 497.7 billion has been allocated to the education sector as follows for fiscal year 2020/2021: Housing, urban development and public works sector has been allocated 15.5 billion distributed as follows: Total: The total spending for the financial year 2020/21 amounts to a total of Ksh. 24,000 and below to get  100% relief, 10 billion for vulnerable people in the society, 400 million for food and non-food commodities for affected households, 6.5 European development bank inform of grants, Repair of Damaged Access Roads and Foot Bridges which will offer jobs to youths: Ksh.

Total projected revenue for 2020/21 is unchanged from the estimated revenues of KShs.

2.6 billion.

The multi-trillion shillings budget is once again expected to leverage greatly on new borrowing as domestic revenue mobilisation is seen falling shy of the mark. Assuming we are spending KES. National Treasury CS Ukur Yattani reads his first budget statement today, Thursday 11, giving the outlook for the FY2020/21. He will be presenting a Ksh2.7 trillion budget whose Ksh1.8 trillion expenditures far outweigh the projected meager revenues of Ksh1.6 trillion. Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has a proposed budget of KES.

This report will be updated regularly to reflect new findings. <>/Metadata 4843 0 R/ViewerPreferences 4844 0 R>> REPUBLIC OF KENYA KENYA GAZETTE SUPPLEMENT SENATE BILLS, 2020 NAIROBI, 17th April, 2020 CONTENT Bill for Introduction into the Senate— PAGE The County Allocation of Revenue Bill, 2020 89 SPECIAL ISSUE Kenya Gazette Supplement No. This falls short of the ideal 15%. 154.5 billion out of which KES. The 2020 Budget Policy Statement (BPS) is prepared against a background of a weak global economy. 264 billion for payment of teachers salaries and running other activities at the commission.

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What does this mean?

Summary statement and full pdf report of Kenya Budget 2020/2021 financial year that was read in parliament on 11th June 2020 by National Treasury CS Ukur Yatani.

1.63 trillion (14.5% of GDP). 3.1 billion to be used for fighting corruption.

Environment: Ksh.

(Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have always asked for Excel or word formats but in vain); The national government revenue projections might be unrealistic in the face of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak considering that the economy has been brought to its knees hence there is need to reconsider the projections; The National Security Sector Working Group (SWG) reports are not available on the National Treasury website (this is the only sector report missing from the public domain).

The shortfall in revenues leaves a Ksh.823.2 billion financing hole to be filled by a combination of both domestic and external financing. Why Is The Chinese SGR Slow As The Old Colonial Train Line? Out of which KES. BUDGET DEFICIT: Treasury CS said the government has set a budget deficit of 7.5 percent of the GDP for the financial year 2020/21 following the … 2.6 billion to be development expenditure. Ksh 14.4 billion for Kenyatta National Hospital 5.

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As usual, the budget for FY 2020/2021 will focus on implementation of the Big Four Agenda and the projected poor performance in revenue collection will affect the Big Four Agenda. 2.8 trillion in FY 2019/2020. Historical pending bills for FY2017/18 for the fertilizer subsidy program under KCB bank facility amounting to, Historical pending bills for the FY2016/17 and 2017/18 owed to maize millers and traders amounting to. x�ՙKo"9��H|�V�h1~?��H�&;a���V��؄�H dXF�|��r7�:t���94��v��eW�ڴ������zA>~l�������|k������Ӹu1��OG��ٴ5����>�G7���O�s|D~�k�2�s�rˆ��JA���2�k} �z���k�Nvf��e�Xo)S$}�n��%�ad2 w.���k�$�N�?�.�g�V ��n���

%PDF-1.7 According to the Abuja Declaration, at least 15% of the national budget should be allocated towards provision of health in Kenya. In the summary table there is no budget for The Judiciary and Judiciary Service Commission (JSC). indiabudget.gov.in. 139 billion.

10 billion VAT refund claims owed to businesses. <> endobj 920 billion against a target of KES. It is surprising to note that the budget for control of communicable diseases was slashed from KES.

That is KES. The Ministry of Health has a proposed budget of KES. According to the draft budget, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) is likely to receive KES. The 2020 budget policy statement provides for fiscal policies that are meant to sustain Kenya’s economic 45 (Senate Bills No. NYS Flopped Recruitment, Busia chief sentenced to 115 years over arson, Nairobi National Park Gets Title Deed For 2000 Acres, Court Halts Another NTSA’s Unlawful Directive, 2 More Kenyan Suspects Wanted by ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, Top Lawyer Amongst 3 Multi-million Online Fraudulent Car Dealers Nabbed, Ex-KDF chief gifted with KenGen appointment.

Japan's Grant Aid Nairobi, 18th September, 2020

In Kenya, there are four main stages in the budget making process: formulation, approval, implementation and oversight. The budget deficit is expected to be KES. Counties are expected to receive a combined Ksh.369.9 billion including a paltry Ksh.316.5 billion as the equitable share from the national government with the balance being topped by conditional allocations, grants & loans.

2.79 trillion.

You can also comment below for any Question and We Will reply to you. The State Department for crop development & Agricultural research has pending bills amounting to Ksh12.355 billion. 150 million), Early learning and basic education (KES 98.6 billion), University Education (KES. 1 0 obj

endobj 1 billion will be spent on recruitment of health workers, KES. The 2020/21 budget targets revenue collection (including Appropriations-in-Aid) of KShs.

This means that the government may not be able to provide 500,000 units of housing, Universal Health Care Coverage, food security and push manufacturing to contribute 15% of Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 4 0 obj 1 0 obj endobj stream (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); For internet marketing services contact us on: Want to be notified when our article is published? It is quite a task to find out whether priorities are realigned from those in the Budget Policy Statement and the draft budget estimates. 1.89 trillion, equivalent to 16.8% of GDP. Project and concessional loans are meanwhile expected at Ksh.241.6 billion and Ksh.124.1 billion respectively with Treasury aiming for a minimal Ksh.6.2 billion in external commercial loans in line with its aim for cheap external debt, Prison Slayqueen Who Stabbed Boyfriend 22 Times Death Sentence Upheld, No Youths Showed up! The 2020 budget policy statement provides for fiscal policies that are meant to sustain Kenya’s economic It means that more and more resources should be allocated each year towards provision of health, clean piped water, social security and education services. Capital Markets In 2015, the Investment Guidelines under the Retirement Benefits Regulations were amended to allow pension schemes to invest up to 10% of their assets in private equity funds and venture capital funds licensed by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA). Debt redemption and interest payments stand at a total of Ksh.904.7 billion with the balance on the first charge account going into pension payments and salaries to Constitutional offices. 13th Edition of the Budget Watch (2020/21) Disclaimer The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) is a non-partisan professional office of the Parliament of the Republic of Kenya. <>

In financial year 2020/2021, the Ministry of Health has a proposed budget of KES.

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This article contains findings from our preliminary analysis of the draft national government budget for financial year 2020/2021.

3 billion for renovation of industry facilities and Ksh. 3 billion seed capital and Ksh.

The budget, otherwise summarized as total expenditure and net lending includes Ksh.Ksh.1.8 trillion as ministerial expenditures while Ksh.549.7 billion account for development expenditures to the respective ministries and state departments (MDAs). The ministry says that the pending bills arising from the operations of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) have accumulated to Ksh38 billion.

The Teachers Service Commission has been allocated a proposed budget of KES.

Below is a summary of highlight of Key findings from this analysis: Year after year, governments all over the world formulate public development plans and budgets.

Kenya Budget 2020/2021 pdf Download National Treasury CS Ukur Yattani reads his first budget statement today, Thursday 11, giving the outlook for the FY2020/21. For instance, by December 2019, the national government has collected KES. Latest Campus Updates, Education News in Kenya, Last updated on: June 12, 2020 by Kenyayote Reporter 1 Comment.

This is a clear indication that education is expensive but the states are expected by international law to allocate the maximum available resources (MAR) toward provision of basic services such as education, water, sanitation and health.

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