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keeping donkeys

Discover an equine intake diversion program that rehomes horses directly from their current owners to new adoptive homes. A minimum of 0.5 acres per donkey is needed to provide space for grazing, although it is rarely necessary to graze the whole area at once. To avoid injury, Garbe warns that restraint pens should be used with caution by someone with experience and that some donkeys can also clear five-foot fences, so plenty of space and catch areas are essential. Delousing powder should be used every three weeks. Donkeys have no hump on their backs, only a lean body mass that is fuel efficient, easily cooled, yet strong. A three-sided run-in shed is ideal. Because of their desert beginnings, donkeys don’t handle extreme cold as well as most horses can. The most common color for a donkey is the mouse gray called gray dun. Although donkeys are the most gentle, loving, and people-friendly equine in existence, they can also be aggressive when necessary. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. You can divide available land into three or more paddocks. Rest your grassland as this can help to break the lifecycle of some parasites and reduce the risk of being infected with worms. Grouping donkeys together allows them to express natural behaviours with each other such as playing or mutual grooming. It is a good idea to engage a farrier to trim the hooves on an 8-12 week trimming schedule. Allowing your donkeys to eat grass right down to soil causes damage to land and is not good for your donkey’s health. Often the sheep or goats come to see the larger donkey as protective and will gather near it if they perceive a threat. Donkeys need a sheltered stall to get out of the weather, feel protected and as a safe place to sleep. If you spot a roll of fat across the back of the animal, you know he is overeating. donkeys or donkey hybrids in their possession or in any other way is engaged in the keeping, care, training and use of donkeys or donkey hybrids. International resources. Find out in our useful guide to achieving the optimum layout, as well as what fencing is most suitable for donkeys and the management of paddocks. By Anita B. A donkey can have many uses; here are just a few: Protect sheep/cattle & goats Once a donkey has bonded with a herd it will protect them against canine predators (foxes, dogs, coyote) as it would one of its own. It spreads out parasite eggs, which are then destroyed by degradation. Donkeys are very sociable creatures that need the company of at least one other donkey.

Do not be tempted to bring resting paddocks into use too soon, Use a suitable paddock layout. It is just as unhealthy for a donkey to be overweight as it is for one to be malnourished. Grazing donkeys are lucky because they never have to watch their salt intake. Below you will find some ideas which will enable you to make the most of your facilities, keeping your donkeys healthy and happy while maintaining your grass. Many foods are harmful for donkeys and should be kept out of reach. Check that the seed mixture is safe for donkeys. Donkeys eat pasture grass as a primary food all summer. A three-sided run-in shed is ideal. Learn about the ASPCA’s addition of The Right Horse Initiative to our roster of lifesaving programs.

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