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johnlock case fic

This one is kid!fic, which I can like, but seldom enough to expend the energy to store.

A Goose Quill Dipped in Venom, by Polyphony, http://archiveofourown.org/works/344050/chapters/558073. You didn’t realize you needed three fantastic stories consisting entirely of Sherlock and John wanking each other off? This Sherlock puts the mad in madly in love. Sherlock quickly took his seat and drank from his tea.

Rated PG. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. This is a touching, creative, original fic that jumps around in time, examining a few key words (not mostly profane, despite the title) that arise in John’s life with Sherlock. 8,000 words, explicit in places. John as Piglet, maybe, but Sherlock as Pooh? Instead, they lay on their sides facing their respective walls and whisper into the darkness. "What caused the asphyxiation? John shrugged apologetically and walked Lestrade down to the door.

Probably rated PG, no sex, but this fic illustrates perfectly why consummation isn’t always needed.

Description: Follows Season One finale, “The Great Game.” John is shocked by what happens after Sherlock pulls the trigger, but that’s nothing compared to the shock he experiences when they get home. Magical healing powers of John-sex. With a shoulder bag," Sherlock said, stalking out of the room. Very long, the first part alone is more than 82,000 words in 23 chapters. This is MY work.

Mycroft is reserved and aloof but runs very deep.

The world-building, done in the spare strokes of a Japanese watercolor, is masterful. There are rules.

bears are scary.

81K words. Just.

He felt floaty after being the center of John's attention for so long. Holy shit. For adults. Shortish, NC17 for nearly every word of it. Haven’t we?? It’s an AU, but just barely.

6, Medicine - Daughter. This one seems more based on Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. in that Sherlock is a total hedonist and wastrel, albeit epically genius. Mad_Lori is epic. ;). He tried not to panic when he couldn't get much of a read on John; he couldn't tell if he was mad from their dinner conversation, or if he was frustrated from his day at the clinic. She said that if you didn’t listen to anything else, listen to Klaus Nomi sing The Cold Song. Truthfully, it's been bothering him since Sally's words that first time at the crime scene in Lauriston Gardens. You've saved my life-".

It starts out in the post-Reich angst-matrix, but to say Professorfangirl gives this a fresh spin is a criminal understatement. I can't promise or even tell you when the next update will come, life is too busy for constant updates. This is a great John voice, pragmatic and romantic at the same time, and it’s a delightful tour of London as well. Ang Lee, and fall in love on the set, although Sherlock’s a diva and doesn’t take John very seriously at the outset.

Please consider turning it on! Complementary (16620 words) by thisprettywren, Chapters: 2/5 Fandom: Sherlock (TV) Rating: Explicit Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson Series: Part 2 of. There’s a First Time for Everything by Kate Lear, http://kate-lear.livejournal.com/12298.html. alt universe where John's a Candian hermit with a new houseguest. Harry doesn’t get enough love in the fandom,  it’s always Mycroft who’s the overprotective sibling, so this was refreshing.

It is a long case!fic, elegantly structured, with several themes. It’s in two parts; the second is where all the heat is, and as this is Kate Lear, it’s well up the thermometer. (John knows from whispered secrets in the cover of the dark, in post-sex hazes, that losing the one thing that makes him valuable to ‘normal’ people is his biggest fear. Midnight Blue Serenity: written by BeautifulFiction, read by aranel_parmadil. Apparently not. There’s kids, family, France, first-time, and it takes place in 14 chapters. Rated PG tops. This is a serious writer, to the extent I can’t help but think it’s all he does. Sherlock doesn’t understand why he is so consumed, but the sardine really does an amazing job of writing his distress and urgency as well as John’s inability to continue to suppress the trauma of what had occurred. If you can pass that over, you are a stronger reader than I. I just read a few of her stories and I feel vindicated and floaty.

My favorite is Ivyblossom's 2 … Press J to jump to the feed.

Why I loved it: What is it about the alluring draw of grief fics?!

Sweet, in-character first time fic, rated PG-13, about 6,500 well-written words. The whole thing is funny and rather endearing. I believe in Johnlock johnlock trash Posts; Ask me anything; Submit a post; Archive; devotedwaywardangel. Author’s Tags: POV: John Watson, friends-to-lovers, First Time, Virgin Sherlock, Paparazzi, post-series 3, Description: John moves back into 221B Baker Street after his marriage falls apart and the paparazzi won’t leave him and Sherlock alone about the status of their supposed relationship. John demands he quit the drugs, so Sherlock ends up demanding John fill in for them.

Gritty, flawed people, good story. Long enough to be an absorbing read, about 31,000 words. It’s a period I have spent some considerable time studying, and this author knows history, particularly gay history, like a professor. Log in sign up. So, belt?". He became frustrated when Sherlock was still silent after he dug out his box of tea from its weekly hiding spot behind the sleeves of biscuits he favored. Molly is with Greg, Sherlock with John, both are very in love and angsting hard.


It is a case!fic in which a visitor to London, an OFC, gets swept up into a case.

"Comer here, Sherlock," John said, his voice calm and even. It was with the arrival of the third dead body that Sherlock upped the rating of the case to a seven. Luckily, his doctor happens to be rather devoted to him. "So something leather, but not a belt.

Not terribly graphic, what’s there is tasteful and respectful. This is 150,000 words and its so well researched I can’t help but think the author must have professional experience with the world of major motion pictures.

There’s some credibility-stretching deus ex machina in this story, but it’s well-written enough to pull it off, and when the pair get back home, the intimacy then described is rendered in such eloquent terms that it manages to be all the stronger for the lack of explicit words. Gah, there’s some brilliant stuff out there. There’s all the angst in the world, and John’s love for Sherlock is well-realized. Read near a source of cold water. Here are three that I liked. The case, the mystery itself, can stand ably on its own without the romance.

Cybil has some questions during a movie night her with her two daddies. Sherlock was up to something, and John could feel it.

Definitely give this a read! 5, Gone, gone, gone - Phillip Phillips. This stands alone in fanfic. The writer has gone WAAAAYYYYY beyond merely writing a fiction. "No," John interrupted, narrowing his eyes.

), Author’s Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Rape Aftermath, Past Torture, Sherlock Series 3, Spoilers, Pre-Slash, Comfort Sex, References to previous rape, Adultery (although they are on a break), Episode: s03e03, His Last Vow, Smut.

Rated R. John comes to terms with his history with Harry while also addressing his emerging feelings for Sherlock. They look away. Here he does a vampire AU much different than his brilliant Stranger at the Gate.

The entire scene is hysterical. Unless you are very new to the fandom, you have probably already read everything ivyblossom has ever written, and if you haven’t you’ll find most of it here.

Sherlock once again scoffed and turned the Detective Inspector away, turning his focus back to the colony of god-knows-what currently growing in the bottom of their coffee cups.

he asked. PWP again not really my thing, by when Kate Lear is writing it…she could write recipes for gefiltefisk and I’d adore them. John and Sherlock come home to Baker St after a case. The cool thing about AUs is that we get to see the two meet, and see that archetypal dynamic of theirs play out in different scenarios. Established Johnlock. Then Sherlock turns into an absolute prick, and John, brave and resilient soul that he is, doesn’t lose his shit but in fact figures out what’s wrong with Sherlock. She’s human but tough, hard on Sherlock but caring, too, down to earth and competent.

Stunned again. http://sam-storyteller.dreamwidth.org/157115.html. PS, Did anyone end up humming Lady Gaga for a few days after reading this? William Sherlock Scott Holmes failed to graduate the University of Cambridge class of 1877.


—Or after putting Rosie to bed Sherlock asks John an important question. Eugenia is the teenaged daughter of John and his ex-wife, who now all live with Sherlock on Baker Street.

In the framework she creates, a sub Sherlock makes a logical sense. Sherlock keeps disguising himself to see if John will recognize him. It’s also got plot; Sherlock infiltrates a fem!Moran’s organization.

Would that bother you?".

Then Toby himself disappears, and Sherlock’s shirt is found at the very bloody scene.

Why I loved it: It’s Sunday night, and a new week is about to begin. This thing is so incredibly elaborate it defies belief.

Blinking hard, Sherlock tried to remember when he last slept so he could answer John's question. This is my head-canon for John: a feel-the-fear-and-fuck-it-do-it-anyway sort, who is bulldoggishly stubborn and would rather take a beat-down than back off a challenge. She writes these novel length AUs that become fandom mainstays.

It was a poor substitute for his thick Belstaff coat. This fic is unbelievably good.

Bamf!Harry gives Sherlock the sister-speech. It alternates between John’s and Sherlocks’ P.O.V., and at the outset, Sherlock decides that he’s going to have to get John to fall in love with him or he’s going to lose John to a woman, sooner or later. Archea is a wordsmith of the type not often found anywhere, really.

For once in his life, Sherlock Holmes felt utterly helpless. BAMF!John, oh, how I adore that, and I have to say, I like an experienced Sherlock.

There are 10 chapters and it’s already novel length.

"However," the doctor continued, "if this is just going to make you uncomfortable, I'll call up an old ex and see if she'll go with me. Tell me more about what it isn't," he urged, looking around the room.

Good stuff.

Toby contacts John in fear, thinking it might actually be Sherlock. I love stories in which Sherlock is an inexperienced virginal sort, and there’s a case to be made for that as canon given the Belgravia reference to “the virgin,” but there’s also a strong case that a curious and drug-friendly hedonist might not be so innocent. I will forever be in her debt for the play list she posted that went with all the music mentioned in the series so far. “As a ruddy couple, you bastard.”. Curious Case by Cleo2010 porny and hot. They decide to find two subjects off an internet hook-up site, one man, one woman, and each have sex with each, with the other present, scoring. It’s the least typical vampire story you’ll ever read. This is Sherlock and John as men in their late 60s, having been a couple for a long time, angst to spare. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits.

The other thing he is is dead sexy, impossibly correct and ever-so-slightly threatening and utterly smooth.

John, Sherlock, Rosie and Lestrade have all been invited to spend a long weekend trip up at the Holmes family home.

frottage!) Perhaps he will find salvation in the company of a most unlikely sea creature.

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