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environmental investigation agency

Dunleavy’s office said in a written statement on Thursday that Thiessen’s comments are his own and he does not speak on behalf of the governor or the state. It works to safeguard global marine ecosystems by addressing the threats posed by plastic pollution, bycatch and commercial exploitation of whales, dolphins and porpoises. Where EIA’s old site had liberally used their brand blue, we focused more on their black, making the site stronger and bolder. 2 0 obj This region comprises 60% of the country and is marked by a large degree of biodiversity. “We have already commented on these tapes and we don’t intend to comment further,” said Mike Heatwole, a spokesman with Pebble. Since 1987, he has planned and participated in investigations and remedial programs to stop wildlife and human trafficking and to mitigate corruption and build governance in Asia, Africa, Russia, South America and the USA. The Environmental Investigation Agency said in a written statement that the newly released video recordings, part of the same meetings originally recorded in August and September, highlight Thiessen’s role as head of the project. We investigate and campaign against environmental crime and abuse. When considered with illegal timber and fisheries, wildlife trafficking is a major illegal trade along with narcotics, human trafficking, and counterfeit products. The illegal wildlife trade has been linked to the emergence and spread of new infectious diseases in humans, including emergent viruses. Posing as timber buyers, EIA investigators went undercover to expose the illegal timber harvesting and trade in the Russian Far East and traced the wood through China to a company that admitted to illegal logging and paying bribes.

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Legal wildlife trade is regulated by the United Nations' Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which currently has 183 member countries called Parties. This can be done either internationally or domestically. It was founded in 1984 by Dave Currey, Jennifer Lonsdale and Allan Thornton, three environmental activists in the United Kingdom. ​(GB)731451558, EIA's new website is engaging and informative, Key landing pages are calmer than EIA's homepage, We used texture throughout the design, breaking up solid black lines to give the feel that EIA’s undercover reporters are out there in the field. ", "Environmental Investigation Agency (UK)". His work focuses on species conservation, wildlife trade and community-based conservation.

We used data collected on the old site’s search performance, in-depth keyword analysis and a rigorous content creation and reviewing process to help the new site compete effectively for some of the most highly contested search terms out there. International bodies such as the G8, Interpol, European Union, United Nations Environment Programme and the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute have recognised the following environmental crimes: Wildlife trade refers to the commerce of products that are derived from non-domesticated animals or plants usually extracted from their natural environment or raised under controlled conditions. <> 3 0 obj "Green Gumshoes", Sunday Times Mag, 17/6/1990, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "The Montreal Protocol – EIA International", "EU F-Gas Regulation – EIA International", "Cooling technologies – EIA International", "Vaquita and totoaba – EIA International", "Whales, dolphins and porpoises – EIA International", http://www.goldhawkmedia.co.uk/?page=programmes, "Undercover Detectives Battle Eco-Crime - Maximpact Blog", "Environmental Investigation Agency regularly fights against global environmental crimes", "Environmental Investigation Agency: meet the original eco spooks", "Could This New Report From the EIA Help End Wildlife Crime? The EIA team pursued, documented and exposed the activities of syndicates that threaten endangered species, damage the climate and ozone layer, and drive the trade in timber stolen from the world’s most important remaining forests. Working in London since 1984 and in Washington, D.C. since 1989, the Environmental Investigation Agency has identified and implemented specific solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental … Our campaigns to protect endangered wildlife, forests, and the global climate operate at the intersection between global trade and the accelerating loss of natural resources and species.

The Corps is in the final stages of determining whether the project should receive a permit that could lead to construction in the coming years. In 2018 the Environmental Investigation Agency continued to confront the greatest environmental threats facing the world today. Steven R. Galster is an American environmental and human rights investigator and counter-trafficking program designer. The Environmental Investigation Agency on Oct. 29, 2020 released more secretly recorded video meetings with Ron Thiessen, head of Northern Dynasty Minerals. Welcome to the Autumn 2020 Investigator magazine, keeping you up-to-date on our activities and successes. Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski are keeping quiet about Pebble until the Nov. 3 election is over, after the senators first released statements against the project in August. The project also presented an opportunity for in-depth user research and refined SEO, to make sure that EIA could reach as many individual and institutional users as possible. It was founded in 1984 by Dave Currey, Jennifer Lonsdale and Allan Thornton, three environmental activists in the United Kingdom. eia-international.org. Murkowski’s office said late Thursday they have not reviewed the tapes, but they don’t expect to hear anything that would change the senator’s opposition to the mine. The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is an independent campaigning organization committed to bringing about change that defends the natural world from environmental crime and abuse.

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