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department of infrastructure victoria

The operators are applied at the search level, meaning all Query Rows are separated by the same Boolean value. From within the Advanced Search you can construct boolean searches and apply one or more filter categories to your search. The Query Constructor supports the use of the Boolean operators ‘AND’ & ‘OR’ between Query Rows. The search terms are treated as case insensitive E.g. Subjects can be added or removed from your search by using the checkbox displayed with each subject literal. From the Field drop down in the 2nd Query Row select ‘Description’.
Department of Treasury and Finance Victoria Infrastructure investment We help Victorian Government departments and agencies, as well as their private sector partners, to develop infrastructure … The Subject tab allows you to refine your search by selecting subjects which have been used to describe data records. https://www.vic.gov.au/privacy.html, Copyright Notice:
Licence groups can be added or removed from your search by using the checkbox displayed with each licence literal. Where no records exist with a subject value a (0) will be displayed with the literal. document.write("Date last reviewed: " + dateFormat("2020-10-22 11:16:48.185+1100")), Date last reviewed: 2020-10-22 11:16:48.185+1100, https://www.vic.gov.au/contactsandservices/directory/?ea0_lfz149_120.&organizationalUnit&c0c50b3e-aa19-44bd-982a-515bab0e3a28, Privacy Statement: Victoria’s Bid Cost Reimbursement policy sets out the criteria when partial bid cost reimbursement may be considered for PPP, Alliance and HVHR projects. Website, ARDC Online From the Field drop down in the 1st Query Row select ‘Title’. Two Query Rows should be displayed by default. Note: Wildcard characters can be applied to single search terms, but not to search phrases. Ensure you are starting with a fresh search by clearing any previous searches. Services, or

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