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The doctor, days later, ordered multiple X-rays due to the extent of contusions to rule out fractures. Sgt. Arthur, Sgt. As soon as my conviction is overturned, I will sue Salemi and those who covered-up his falsification of records including Inv. I was physically unable to batter anyone, especially a strong male who was taller and 50 lbs heavier than I was, like Sgt. Salemi. Early voting began at the jail on Oct. 17, and nearly 1,800 of the more than 2,000 detainees expected to vote have already cast their ballots, according to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office. Inv. James P. Aurenz responded. See: http://www.scribd.com/doc/19434501/Shelton-1983-Against-Cook-County-Sheriff-Illegal-Administration-Psychotropic-Drugs-and-Battery-2009. Then when I came back to the bench and lied down, now without handcuffs, I briefly lost consciousness. Hernandez and several officers later told me to “get that ***” in court because he “only attacks women”.

The jail also transitioned the majority of detainees to single cells to prevent transmission, Dart previously said. Other officers (at least two), along with Sgt.

The lawyers get most of the settlement. I am now indigent, as a result of fighting for our Constitutional rights and catastrophic medical problems. This resulted in a 1 and 1/2 lb weight loss per day, and by May 16, 2009, I had nearly passed out in the shower and required the use of a wheelchair, although I had been using a cane. Activists traveled in a caravan, bringing their fight to the doorstep of Cook County Jail, the Chicago Juvenile Detention Center and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters Downtown. I screamed repeatedly – “help me, help me, I can’t tolerate this, I have medical problems, I can’t breathe”.

At the front gate guard house, Sgt. Unfortunately the ER docs were jerks, injected me with psychotropic drugs assuming I was crazy, didn’t treat anything, and released me even with a fever – the drugs making me even more anxious, dizzy, and confused. Sounds like he’ll be OK. They have never produced any. At least half the time, a nurse or inmate would take pity and help me open the door. I ate and drank NOTHING. It later swelled up like a grape, black and blue. When the ambulance arrived I was coming out of the confusion after waking up. He has done nothing about this. If he was rammed, he would have had one linear horizontal mark or bruise on his lower leg near his ankle on the left and one short mark on his right shin corresponding to the wheelchair folded up footrest. What the sadist, Sgt. This causes a life-threatening condition where I easily get heat exhaustion and then heat stroke. 332 were here.

Linda you are a crazy bitch that smell like sewage. I had to take it for several days to control the complications, and it made me drowsy. I was stunned and terrified. Anthony Salemi told me “I’m going to make a case so you don’t get out.” He then opened the door enough to lunge in and grab my neck with his left hand. The door shut behind him. Medical personal are not legally allowed to give forced injections of drugs or tie a person down unless they are an IMMEDIATE danger to their own life or to other’s lives. Ofc. Edith Tovar, a community organizer with the Little Village Environmental Organization, was one of more than two dozen people who showed up at the park. The medical care was so bad that they lost accreditation as a jail medical facility. I was moderately dehydrated, which causes weakness and fainting when standing. Posted in Officer Tyrone McDowell Jr., Uncategorized, Tagged with CCDOC, Cook County Department of Corrections, Cook County Jail, Corrupt Officers, Sheriff corruption. Resurrection Health Care workers rally for right t... Ethics Rules for Cook County Contractors - will it... Cook County cutback on Suburban Precincts, Cook County lobbyists face stricter rules, Illinois: Say "No" To ACORN - Sign the Petition, Cook County GOP Convention in Rosemont this weekend, Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies (Hardcover), Cook County Observer (League of Women Voters), It's A New Day in Cook County Blog (what happened to this? It is preceded by heat exhaustion. There was no life-threatening emergency.

Sheriff Dart we love ya! This happened due to Nifong-like prosecutorial misconduct, gross judicial misconduct, and a jury biased by emotion and being angry that they had to waste their time, who clearly made up their minds in the first few minutes of the trial and never bothered to actually consider the defense teams evidence and statements.

The department rules require that a male officer may NOT enter a female inmate’s cell without a witness, except in a life-threatening emergency. “The [Injustice Watch] judicial guide is providing essential context about people on the bench who make decisions on people’s liberty,” she said. I clearly stated to all the deputies surrounding me that they were committing a federal felony crime – harassment of a federal witness against Sheriff staff, official misconduct, violation of civil rights under color of law, conspiracy to violate civil rights, etc., and were committing the Illinois crimes of interference with service of process and assault and battery. He has an explosive violent temper. Anthony Salemi from Des Plaines, Illinois’s. This is what happens when one does not have publicity, one is on the shit list for being a whistle blower against government officials, and when one is honest and fights for others.

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