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conservation authorities act

It is important that through this review, the provincial government clarify the roles and responsibilities of CAs within the broader provincial legislative framework to protect the environment, support housing supply and ensure that Ontario is Open for Business. The policies within municipal Ops must be clear as to when the CA is to be consulted and when they are not (i.e. The proposed changes will also, as stated by the MNRF, provide the business sector with a clear and consistent regulatory environment in which to operate and will help to make approval processes faster, more predictable and less costly. OHBA is supportive of consistent definitions that align across Ministries. HDFs are ephemeral and intermittent features that do not/ should not meet the definition of a watercourse within CA Regulated Areas. OHBA is supportive of increasing direct oversight and monitoring by MECP to enhance accountability, consistency and transparency in terms of governance as well as roles and responsibilities as was recommended by the Auditor General. OHBA suggests that higher quality screening maps could assist in reducing duplication and unnecessary reviews as CAs should not be circulated on applications outside of the O.Reg 97/04 area (or future replacement of this Reg).

Conservation Authorities Act . <> The MNRF is proposing to create a regulation further defining the ability of a CA to regulate prohibited development and other activities for impacts to the control of flooding and other natural hazards. There should also be prescribed standards and timelines for plan review functions provided to a municipality under an MOU, similar to those above for permit applications. If a CA proposes any significant changes to mapping of the “Regulatory Limit” or “Regulatory Screening Area” (e.g., beyond any minor modifications or corrections) they shall provide notice to the public, including direct notice to all impacted landowners, and consider public comments prior to making any decisions regarding the proposed mapping changes. ); OHBA is concerned by the lack of legislated service delivery timelines. Conservation Authorities are either charitable or nonprofit organizations legislated under the Conservation Authorities Act, 1946. Such a regulation should include: Details with respect to complete application requirements; Timelines for confirming  compete application requirements following pre-consultation; Timelines for notifying applicants whether a permit application is deemed complete; Timelines for a decision on a permit application (following the receipt of a complete application); A process for an administrative review or hearing if timelines are not met; and. Species are disappearing at an alarming rate, with global estimates of about a million species facing extinction ([ 1 ][1]). OHBA supports an approach in which the province clearly defines the CA core mandate to be prioritized around the achievement of the Natural Hazard policies of the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) and watershed management.

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