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cleanest lakes in muskoka

The bugs are sampled from a minimally impacted site on a lakeshore by the Biomonitoring Technician and brought back to the volunteer group where the bugs are sorted and identified. Mean Depth: 6 metres Its fish include rainbow trout, lake whitefish, burbot, smallmouth bass and walleye. Copyright © 2016 Bob Clarke Inc. All Rights Reserved. There are swimming, canoeing, and tubing competitions and the winners are given prizes which are sponsored by the Gibson Lake Cottage Association. Please check our social media feeds for updates on events that occur regularly throughout the year; Opportunities to learn more about how your activities as a resident or guest can contribute  to Brandy Lake’s long term health, and how Brandy Lake’s robust watershed supports clean water and productive fish habitat, and; Initiatives that occur within the watershed that need volunteers to do water monitoring, attend meetings and participate in Muskoka’s future. Lake Vernon houses lake trout, walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. Distance from Toronto: 2.5, Maximum Depth: 3 metres  Higher levels of phosphorus may enter a tea-coloured lake and the bacteria will use it up before algae can, whereas if the same amount of phosphorus was put into an oligotrophic lake, the lack of bacteria would allow algae to feed on the phosphorus, creating the dreaded algal blooms. Mean Depth: 10 metres There are three service roads that access the north shore of Otter Lake. The BLA has a team of dedicated volunteers who take water samples from 10 different lake locations. For eight years The District of Municipality of Muskoka has been working with residents to study these bugs in the mud in order to monitor the health of our lakes. Mean Depth: 7 metres Our cottage is very private - there is an empty wooded lot to one side and a very quite and secluded cottage to the other side.

Distance from Toronto: 2.5 hours, Maximum Depth: 8.2 metres Brandy Lake is part of a large and diverse watershed, in which Brandy Creek is the main water source. Mean Depth: 9.2 metres If you like golfing, Windermere Country Club is a short 20 mi-nute drive away from Mirror Lake. Maximum Depth: 18.2 metres Mean Depth: 12.2 As we continue to learn more about the types of lakes found in Muskoka, tea-stained lakes still remain a misunderstood topic. Tea-stained lakes (also known as dystrophic lakes) are often shallow bodies of water with a large amount of wetland area in their watershed, which provides an increase in decaying matter. Samples of your drinking water can be dropped off for testing in Gravenhurst. The lake is 7 kilometres long and flows into Georgian Bay through Gibson River. Brandy Lake is one of the cleanest lakes in Muskoka, and home to many fish species. To help with bookings, call our support phone number:1-877-202-4291. Rankin is 5 minutes from Parry Sound but also just a 20 minute distance to Mactier. Avoid driving your boat over 10 km/hour within 30 metres of the shoreline, and be respectful of everyone on the lake. Distance to Toronto: 2.5 hours, Maximum Depth: 38 metres Located just outside of Huntsville in the township of Utterson, Long’s Lake is also often called Utterson Lake.

Located right between Huntsville and Rosseau, the community on Skeleton Lake is like no other. For more information or to book, visit their website. Fax: 705-646-2207 A man drowned on Three Mile Lake after he went for a walk in Muskoka Lakes, Ont., and didn’t return home over the weekend. Only miles away from Bala, many cottagers on Clear Lake head in to view the stunning falls, delicious restaurants and even attend cranberry wine tasting. Mean Depth: 2 metres Fax: 705-646-2207 So fishing adventures will take place on the many lakes in the Muskoka & Haliburton regions & also Lake Simcoe & Lake Couchiching in the Barrie & Orillia area. Bruce Lake flows southwest into the Joseph River by way of the Bruce Lake Marsh. Distance from Toronto: 2 hours, Maximum Depth: 9 metres

This is the reason why tea-coloured lakes are much less sensitive to phosphorus inputs than an oligotrophic lake. I love fishing and I don't get many opportunities to do that. Do not use soap products to bathe in the lake.

Loon Lake is a headwater lake meaning that it has no upstream lakes, however it does flow into Turtle Lake to the south and eventually into the Severn River. Maximum Depth: 65 metres The lake was formed by an ancient meteor strike and has a rugged natural beauty that you will want to relish in every Summer. Distance from Toronto: 2.5 hours, Maximum Depth: 26 metres Sparrow Lake and the Severn River are home to bass, pickerel, northern pike, and black crappie. Fairy Lake is located right in the heart of Huntsville. Bracebridge, Ontario, P1L 1N3, Phone: 705-645-2100 x4387

An integrated solution for flooding, climate action and economic prosperity, COVID-19 must not halt Muskoka’s environmental monitoring programs. Mean Depth: 11 metres Remember that sound travels over water. The most abundant fish are smallmouth and largemouth bass. Do not use soap products to bathe in the lake. Major Fish Species: Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, Whitefish, Northern Pike The lake has an irregular shape with several shallow weedy bays providing good cover for bass and pike. To provide a unified voice in all matters pertaining to Brandy Lake’s water quality, shoreline, watershed, and adjacent lands, and; The association welcomes input and participation from all members in; ) where information about the lake and activity on the lake are posted regularly….sign into the website and get regular updates; To initiate programs and services that will contribute to the overall health of the lake and its watershed. What are those things crawling below my feet when I’m swimming in the lake? To navigate to Skip menu use control + q shortcut. Resources A list of contacts and links for more information. Distance from Toronto: 2.5 hours, Maximum Depth: 20 metres Past articles are available in this blog under the Watershed Notes Articles category or under Past Articles in the Resources section. Help us help you better! With 20 years of fishing experience, 12 of those years competing in tournament trails. Fun Fact, the lake was event featured in a popular Tim Hortons commer-cial! Ada is a peaceful lake situated amongst the famous and larger Muskoka Lakes. Ensure your septic system is in good condition, and use only cleaning products that are phosphorus free. And you probably only knew about the big four Muskoka lakes (Joseph, Rousseau, Muskoka and Lake of Bays) that make up 30% of the lake surface in Muskoka. “Lovely hotel with friendly staff, clean/comfortable rooms and in such a wonderful location. Distance to Toronto: 2.5 hours, Maximum Depth: 9 metres 332. Sorry, we aren't online at the moment. Loon Lake is located northwest of the Town of Gravenhurst in Muskoka Ward.

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