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british army vehicles 1960s

Firing The .50 Cal From a Sherman Tank: How Often Was This Actually Done. "Z" Names. Videos Apparently they were dreadful too. Depending on which end of the 60s you're modelling, you could use the Airfix MK, the first entered service with the army in 1967, about two years before the final RLs were built. After World War II, Rover entered In the late 1960s, the Humber Pig saw a new lease of life. Since he didn’t have anything suitable, he would have to improvise. October 24, 2017 in Road Vehicles, Looking for a British Army lorry suitable for 1960s, no one seems to make the Bedford RL  would a Fordson Thames be.

Northern Ireland broke out into the period of heightened violence known as The Troubles, during which British troops policed a region torn apart by Catholic and Protestant terrorists. to be air-transportable aboard an aircraft or slung under a helicopter. Try wargaming 20mm. and other countries in the Series IIA (1968-1972) and Series III (1972-1980) model eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'olive_drab_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',321,'0','0']));

your own Pins on Pinterest The main crew compartment had both doors and firing ports in the sides and rear. By He did love the RLs though, reckoning them to be superior to both their QL predecessor and MK successor. As an aside the RAF also had Thames ET6 's converted to 6x4 for the longer 'house' type bodies .

Use Google One of his many anecdotes was of an RL which got bogged and put a leg out of bed during attempted self recovery. It had a simple rectangular shape with flat sides, a sloped front, and a relatively low profile. "O" Names The AEC Matadors and Bedford OYs would still have been around in the period you are modelling. Defender 90 or just Def90). As well as being used by the British Army, the Saxon was sold to other countries, including the Netherlands and Brunei. British troops and army vehicles arrive at Spandau-West Station in response to the construction of the Berlin Wall Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images. He also reckoned that the Humber 3/4 ton was around well into the 60s at least. Aviation

Thanks seen this,  wish some one produced the Bedford RL. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. All military Land Rovers were available in both standard troop/cargo configurations Copyright 2020 RMweb.co.uk


On top of this chassis, the designers built a blocky, flat-sided body of welded steel with a cupola on the roof. "L" Names A small turret holding a machine gun gave the unit extra firepower. It was a heavier vehicle, useful On many layouts of yore I have seen Matadors dressed up as coal man's  lorries  a most unlikely use for a heavy weight 4x4  , just getting into the cab is a major effort !

topic, too many to list here and too many to keep up with as they come and go. years. for towing artillery and other loads, with a V8 engine and 4 speed transmission. British Army Vehicles 1960s. There, the engineers removed the howitzers, ammunition racks, and seats from the vehicles, before adding extra armor. Books/Art/Photos In the summer of 1944, the First Canadian Army was serving under British command as part of Allied forces sent to liberate France. Some British vehicles are listed and more will be added as photos become available.

Variants include weapons platforms, ambulances, command vehicles, armour protection Then click the Search button. "K" Names Click for larger version of this photo. http://www.matadormodels.co.uk/new_kits.htm, http://www.roadtransportimages.com/online-shop/military-models-and-options-available. See also the preceding Category:Vehicles introduced in the 1950s and the succeeding Category:Vehicles introduced in the 1970s. Like Swampy, who I served with in Belize in 1978-9. A crew compartment behind them could seat up to ten infantrymen. The cupola provided the commander with a good field of vision around the vehicle and could also be fitted with a machine gun or grenade launcher. BW Models use to do a big range of cold war British Army trucks including some of the specialist bodies.

The commander sat behind him and had a hatch for observation and for the use of a mounted 7.62mm machine gun.

Please turn on the Javascript on your browser to see the more than one thousand Olive-Drab.com pages, covering an expanding variety of military topics. "D" Names to time, including Bedford, Leyland, Jaguar, Morris-Commercial Cars, Scammell and Austin. A second RL attempting to recover the dead one also got bogged even more firmly. "H" Names At the front was the engine. Not sure if any Bedford QLs saw service into the 60’s, they may well have done with the TA, also available from Airfix. four Defender core military vehicle platforms are manufactured, including General

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