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The People's Couch! Real Housewives of Atlanta | Beverly Hills | New Jersey | New York City | Orange County | Melbourne | Miami | Toronto | Vancouver | Potomac | Dallas | Salt Lake City | Vanderpump Rules | Summer House | Southern Charm | Below Deck | Ladies of London | Mob Wives and more!

I thought the People's Couch was THE best! Après Ski November 2, 2015-December 21, 2015. January 12, 2015-February 23, 2015, Gallery Girls August 13, 2012-October 1, 2012, Game of Crowns July 13, 2014-September 11, 2014, Gay Weddings September 2, 2002-September 5, 2002, I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding September 17, 2013-October 27, 2013, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis March 14, 2012-September 10, 2013, The It Factor January 6, 2002-March 31, 2003, It's a Brad, Brad World January 12, 2012-April 24, 2013, Jersey Belle August 4, 2014-September 2, 2014, The Kandi Factory April 9, 2013-May 26, 2013, Kandi's Ski Trip May 17, 2015-June 7, 2015, Kandi's Wedding June 1, 2014-July 6, 2014, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List August 3, 2005-August 3, 2010, Kell on Earth February 1, 2010-March 29, 2010, Launch My Line December 2, 2009-February 3, 2010, Life After Top Chef October 3, 2012-November 28, 2012, LOLwork November 7, 2012-December 12, 2012, Love Broker March 5, 2012-August 28, 2012, Mad Fashion October 4, 2011-December 6, 2011, Make Me a Supermodel January 10, 2008-June 3, 2009, Manhunt: The Search For America's Most Gorgeous Male Model October 12, 2004-November 30, 2004, Manzo'd with Children October 5, 2014-October 30, 2016, Miami Social July 14, 2009-August 18, 2009, Million Dollar Decorators May 31, 2011-January 8, 2013, Million Dollar Listing Miami June 25, 2014-August 13, 2014, Million Dollar Listing San Francisco July 8, 2015-September 2, 2015, The Millionaire Matchmaker January 22, 2008-March 29, 2015, Miss Advised June 18, 2012-August 6, 2012, Most Eligible Dallas August 15, 2011-October 17, 2011, Mother Funders June 14, 2015-August 9, 2015, My Fab 40th August 25, 2015-September 29, 2015, The New Atlanta September 17, 2013-October 29, 2013, Newlyweds: The First Year May 6, 2013-March 2, 2016, Online Dating Rituals of the American Male March 9, 2014-April 8, 2014, Page to Screen October 28, 2002-May 15, 2005, Party/Party December 6, 2005-January 18, 2006, The People's Couch October 8, 2013-May 26, 2016, Platinum Hit May 30, 2011-August 15, 2011, Pregnant in Heels April 5, 2011-July 17, 2012, Princesses: Long Island June 2, 2013-August 4, 2013, Project Runway December 1, 2004-October 15, 2008, Property Envy July 9, 2013-September 10, 2013, Queer Eye for the Straight Girl January 11, 2005-May 8, 2005, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy July 15, 2003-October 30, 2007, The Rachel Zoe Project September 9, 2008-April 24, 2013, The Real Housewives of D.C. August 5, 2010-October 21, 2010, The Real Housewives of Miami February 22, 2011-November 4, 2013, Recipe for Deception January 21, 2016-March 24, 2016, Rocco's Dinner Party June 15, 2011-August 17, 2011, Secrets and Wives June 2, 2015-July 21, 2015, Shear Genius April 11, 2007-April 7, 2010, Showbiz Moms & Dads April 17, 2004-May 19, 2004, Showdog Moms & Dads March 30, 2005-May 18, 2005, Situation: Comedy July 26, 2005-September 9, 2005, The Singles Project August 12, 2014-September 30, 2014, Sports Kids Moms & Dads June 1, 2005-July 20, 2005, Start-Ups: Silicon Valley November 5, 2012-December 19, 2012, Step It Up and Dance April 3, 2008-June 8, 2008, Styled to Rock October 25, 2013-December 27, 2013, Tabatha Takes Over August 21, 2008-June 27, 2013, Tabloid Wars July 24, 2006-August 21, 2006, Tamra's OC Wedding September 2, 2013-September 16, 2013, Teresa Checks In October 11, 2015-October 25, 2015, Then and Now with Andy Cohen December 13, 2015-December 23, 2015, There Goes the Motherhood April 20, 2016-June 8, 2016, Thicker Than Water November 10, 2013-June 5, 2016, Thintervention with Jackie Warner September 6, 2010-October 25, 2010, Tim Gunn's Guide to Style September 6, 2007-November 20, 2008, Toned Up January 2, 2014-February 6, 2014, Top Chef Duels August 6, 2014-October 8, 2014, Top Chef: Just Desserts September 15, 2010-October 26, 2011, Top Chef Masters June 10, 2009-September 25, 2013, Top Design January 31, 2007-October 24, 2008, Untying the Knot June 4, 2014-February 1, 2016, Vanderpump Rules: After Show November 6, 2015-March 7, 2016, Welcome to the Parker July 26, 2007-August 30, 2007, Work of Art: The Next Great Artist June 9, 2010-December 21, 2011, Work Out New York December 6, 2015-January 31, 2016. ...So I always say, you know, 'Always leave them wanting more!' she asked. I loved to "hate watch" that shit. After filming was completed, however, Bravo decided to turn the show into a Real Housewives franchise.

So good!!! The third best reality TV talent competition show, after RPDR and Bravo-era PR, imo. Lisa revealed that she and her former co-stars, Alexia Echeverria, Marysol Patton and Adriana de Moura "have remained super close like sisters.". After filming was completed, however, Bravo decided to turn the show … Mama Elsa was so popular that she landed her own spin-off web series, Havana Elsa. RHOM star Lea Black hasn't made a secret of the fact that she was less than pleased with the show's cancellation. Southern Charm is one of many Bravo shows that puts a group of people in one city together and watches their drama play out. In some ways, it is similar to the Real Housewives shows, but Southern Charm features a lot more men and even more relationship drama.. RELATED: Below Deck Is Becoming Bravo’s Best Reality Show The show takes place in Charleston, South Carolina and watching these … According to executive producer Andy Cohen, there were a couple of pretty big reasons that the show was cancelled. While TMZ reported in 2017 that Bravo was looking at starting another Real Housewives franchise in Florida, nothing ever came of it. I liked the shows she did with other businesses, but not nearly as much as I liked watching her in her natural element. I didn't know it was cancelled either :( I love that show, and I feel like it was generally positively received...or at least people I know liked it, lol. I didn't realise it was cancelled.

This is a list of programs broadcast by Bravo, an American cable and satellite television network owned by NBCUniversal that originated as a premium channel, when it launched in December 1980. The podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey just interviewed one of the gallery girls! Andy previously said on Twitter that the odds of The Real Housewives of Miami getting a reboot are "low." In a 2016 episode of her YouTube show, Lunch With Lea, she revealed what she thinks went wrong with the show that it didn't end up as successful as other franchises. Personally I miss Work of Art, it was such a cool show! When the show began filming, it was supposed to be called Miami Social Club, which Distractify called "a restructuring of Miami Social."

"And I just try to sidestep the question because I don't think it's my place to say anything but now that it's been announced that the show was not coming back because [Andy Cohen] said 'It just didn't work out.'". I loved the pure creativity of it. All I want is for Andy Cohen to do an special WWHL catch up with all the NYC Prep kids. Privacy Policy, No season 10 for Last Man Standing – the show is cancelled, American Gods season 3 coming to Starz early 2021, Snowpiercer season 2 starts on January 25th, 2021, Netflix decides to renew The Crown for season 6, Ratched is off to a hot start, with season 2 coming to Netflix early 2021, Baby’s official Netflix status for season 4. Unfortunately, there comes a time when our favorite television shows eventually go off the air. Which one(s) do you wish would come back? I loved it with all my heart. Lea revealed that the reason the show "didn't work out" was on Bravo. October 30, 2020 It looks like fans won't be tuning in to any Real Housewives drama in the Sunshine State any time soon unless current Real Housewives head there for a cast vacation. It was like a whole show based around the Project Runway unconventional challenges. ", Andy revealed that another major reason the show was cancelled was because one of its biggest draws, cast member Marysol Patton's mother, Mama Elsa, "got sick and dropped out" which was "a big hit for the show."
The real reason Real Housewives of Miami was cancelled. 9 By Design April 13, 2010-June 1, 2010. * The data for number of viewers comes from Nielsen and TV networks, or is estimated based on various popularity indicators. "The reason that we let it go was, I remember the ratings went down toward the end of the season. "Because I'm respectful of Bravo and respectful of the network, I don't want to speak on their behalf. It isn't only fans who want to see The Real Housewives of Miami come back on the air. YEAH, AND I HAD TO GO ON XANAX FOR IT, LYDIA. Bravo. Which never happens. Seriously, those girls were so delusional.

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