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air navigation pro vs foreflight

While there is an option to use Seattle Avionics’ WebPlan tool, there is no built-in route optimizer or preferred routes feature like Garmin and ForeFlight offer. by 7ECA » Sun Feb 22, 2015 11:10 pm, Post Sorry for an off-topic question; is there an app for Windows based tablets with Canadian charts and CFS? Apple is aware and they have no fix at this time. Minor item: WingX Pro7 does have a data driven moving map, in fact they are all data driven on which the user can add fixes, Victor Airways, terrain, obstacles etc.

This forum has been developed to discuss aviation related topics. But, saying that, if you haven’t compared you may be not getting the most for your buck. Some foreign stuff is way ahead of all of these, but more expensive. Need a back-up AI source for flying in the goo? Per an email from FltPlan’s Dave Pollard on Aug. 31, a new iPad app release, “FltPlan Go” will be out next week. While I had paper charts as back-up, I never opened any of them. I often have to reset the task when switching menus in flight. The support people are outstanding also.

I get suggested plans of other pilots for the same route, weather options, fuel burn and time for each leg and comparisons at different altitudes, etc. There is also a free companion app, FlyQ Insight that is worth putting on any pilot’s device for its unique presentation of nearest airport.

My co-pilot can easily navigate through the flight allowing me the freedom to simply enjoy the flight. Also their constant improvements and schedule of rolling out MAJOR updates every few months is great.

You will also be notified when your selected altitude is too low for terrain, when incomplete aircraft data is entered for filing a flight plan, and on the moving map when approaching controlled or special-use airspace. Wow!

The synthetic vision display is visually appealing and uses the same graphics as their certified PFDs.

I have used WingX Pro from the beginning and still use it on an original IPAD. Sure, it helps with situational awareness, especially if it shows weather, but you shouldn't try to get close to any weather you can't see without real-time input (Stormscope is real time; eyeballs out the window are related time; XM and ADS-B weather are not--the time stamp in the corner is when the update was transmitted, but it can be 10-15 minutes old by then). The only downside to this approach is that the integration isn’t always seamless, as our initial flight test of the Dual XGPS 170 showed (many of these bugs have now been fixed). When you post a message, your IP is logged and may be provided to concerned parties where unethical or illegal After all, great features don’t matter if the app is unusable due to bugs or if you don’t know how to operate it. The next step is to dig deeper into each app’s core capabilities and see which provider will deliver an edge for you based on what, where, and how you fly. I like not being tied to a single add-on device as FF is with Stratus. The Nearest function highlights the nearby airports on the moving map that meet your preset criteria for runway surface type and length.

The app also boasts rock solid stability–in our experience, we’ve never seen the app crash. The icon-based main menu looks very similar to the home screen of the GTN 750 and FMS controllers used in Garmin’s OEM installations, again bringing an additional level of familiarity to those with previous Garmin experience.

Having separate apps for iPad, iPhone and web is pretty nice I think. You can also add additional international regions and Jeppesen charts to Garmin Pilot for an additional subscription fee.

ADS-B receivers are a different story. These issues are harder to judge than just features, but they matter much more over the long haul. (what are you going to do when your batteries in your e6b are dead?). The key takeaway here is to choose your app first, and then buy the compatible ADS-B receiver since they all offer excellent performance. I have used them all too, and Wing-X is what I use when doing real flying not sofa stuff. There are some new weather features added to the moving map screen, including a forecast layer for clear air and mountain wave turbulence not associated with convective weather.

U.S Standard: Flight planning, weather, VFR/IFR charts and terrain. While not everyone loves track up (, Another major addition was the option for, Just this month, the option to overlay an approach plate or taxiway diagram on the chart, A variety of other map enhancements were added, including extended runway centerlines, scalable range rings around your aircraft, and a. Canadian and Helicopter charts were added as well, expanding the number of pilots who can use the app. Don't bother till you get your PPL, I don't allow students to use iPads. Thank you! But as the article correctly stated there are “smart features” that are handled differently, to give me a better understanding of which one would be “…right for me.” A list with who has what and when they both had the same thing, a quick comment on which one the author (or the iPAD Pilot News team) thought had the edge. We haven’t even announced this yet – you heard it here first! I quickly graphically edited my FP to stay east of the weather and headed south in clear sunny skies, with black off to the West. If you’re using one of these GPSs, you’ll immediately appreciate this feature.
by esp803 » Sun Feb 22, 2015 5:06 pm, Post Nowhere near the features, and no actual sectionals! “Notams in the last 12 hours”… feature comes to mind, as well as regrouping unusable navaids notams as one liners.

Just wish it would bring airplane prices down! Canada is a big country, and there is generally even more of an East/West divide than in the U.S. For me, it would be nice if there was a Western Canada option at a reduced cost. Quick summation: apples-apples comparison at the bottom (most basic subscription $) of the barrel, I think garmin wins and gives you more bang for the buck. I hope this will be corrected soon, otherwise i will seriously consider switching to FF after my subscription expires. CAUTION!! It seems to be the most expensive when you begin to add features, some of which are free on FltPlan. BUT... you have to have paper. All of these new features are in addition to the popular tools like the rubber band flight planning tool, the ruler tool and the powerful routing options using the search box.
This information syncs with the app on your iPhone and iPad. This collaborative flight planning feature makes flight planning much easier for corporate flight departments, and all the relevant details for each flight are sent right to the ForeFlight app on the assigned flight crew’s iPad or iPhone. I think the article was a good attempt at nothing really. There are also convenience alerts like displaying the ATIS frequency for the destination airport during the arrival, or displaying the nearby altimeter setting when descending through FL180. . Right on Rich. The full sized, iPad 3 with the retina display does not have nearly the battery life of either the full sized iPad 2 or iPad Mini…regardless of the App being used. About a year ago I purchased a Garmin 796 and figured I should start using the Garmin iPad app as well.

Why so narrow? Whereas ForeFlight provides route editing features on the Maps page, Garmin has a dedicated Active FPL page that’s very similar to a GTN 750 flight plan page. Track up is now an option in Garmin Pilot, so all three major apps now offer this feature. I find it’s flightplanning approach to be awkward, but it does provide the best weather briefing, particularly winds aloft. Sitting at my desk I could mostly figure out how WingX did most things (never did figure out how to get my plane’s perf data added) but inside a moving cockpit there’s only one interface I found usable enough to even try. The first page in WingX is Moving Map, and that’s where the focus is for all in-flight functions. Since I normally only fly in southern B.C. When it comes to downloads, WingX does a number of things to make its file sizes smaller (and its downloads faster). It’s a sign that the app market is starting to mature. The 430 has everything you need a few clicks away. by 7ECA » Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:32 pm, Post When you break it down though, the real question you should be asking is which app is best for me. Plan all aspects of your flight in minutes and navigate with the state of the art GPS driven moving map. In the air, they’ll notify when approaching a TFR or the Washington, D.C. SFRA. When I need support humans always answer the phone and the support is great. Agree with James Moss. The paperless cockpit era had officially begun. ForeFlight offers several levels of performance, based on features and your type of flying: Basic Plus: Flight planning, weather, VFR/IFR charts, weight and balance, logbook. The first relates to the fact that sometimes a set of competing products can give multiple great choices, and that’s when the ‘Which is best…?’ sloganeering is a disservice. XM works better for me in Pilot Download Air Navigation Pro from the App Store. Garmin Pilot has its share of smart features too, which provide contextual alerts. There are also options to view global airspace details, including frequencies, cruise tables and operational notes. This also allows pilots to take advantage of FltPlan.com’s premium services in Garmin Pilot, like pre-departure clearances (PDCs) and Electronic Advance Passenger Information System (eAPIS) filing. The new map engine enabled track up navigation, probably the most-requested feature of the past year. In our research and surveys, very few general aviation pilots are using Jeppesen Mobile FD. Garmin is no small start-up, and has a large team behind their app with a good reputation for support as well. But the majority of sales still come this way, making it a good indicator of trend at least.

"Carelessness and overconfidence are more dangerous than deliberately accepted risk." I have tried them all but use Foreflight. Since then, this app has added a slew of … My bad, I went and looked and even though the front page only has links to video tutorials, there is a PDF manual available for a different (older or just different platform?) You may prefer an Android phone, but use an iPad in the airplane – Garmin has you covered since it works on Android and a subscription provides access to three separate devices.

Quiz: Flying with the iPad, fact vs. fiction, Quiz – Planning a trip with ForeFlight Flights, Video tip – How to incorporate the iPad into flight training, Two new webinar recordings: Advanced ForeFlight and iPad Proficiency, How to use the new Search and Airspace features in ForeFlight 10, Sporty’s 2021 Courses now available in the Pilot Training app, How to use ForeFlight’s new scratchpad templates, Plane English adds IFR scenarios to communications training app, Using iPad screenshots to save aviation information for offline access, iOS Update Green Light program: iOS and iPadOS 14.2, Tips for charging your iPad before flight and in the cockpit, Using the Garmin D2 Air smartwatch with your iPhone. A year is an eternity in the life of an app, so we thought it would be fair to check in on the apps and see what’s changed. I like allot of the graphical feature and the simple IFR map in Pilot at times. Both apps have all the features and capabilities to feel right at home in the cockpit of a student pilot learning to fly, while simultaneously meeting the needs of professional pilots flying turbine airplanes. It’s a busy screen, but it presents an incredible amount of information. $74.99/yr, U.S Premium: Everything in the standard package, plus geo-referenced approach charts, icing forecasts, Garmin FliteCharts, terrain/obstacle alerts, synthetic vision and SafeTaxi airport diagrams. With the release of. I also like that Garmin pilot is available on both iPad/iPhone and Android. Our next purchase will be to purchase a second iPad and use dual screens while flying (another privilege Foreflight allows – two downloads on the same account. Why do you need (uncertified) handheld GPS to fly? In case you’re wondering why I have a 796 and an iPad.

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