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Results from internal key informants indicate inconsistencies in the understanding of the meaning and value of inclusive growth (i.e., economic benefits), as well as the best approaches for integrating for inclusive growth into daily work.

Given new programming and other factors, some key informants identified the need to rethink the AIF's funding objectives and mechanisms to address possible overlap with REGI and gaps in client needs.

ACOA is also an active participant in the Accelerated Growth Service, an initiative that facilitates a more coordinated approach to supporting established firms with high growth potential. In comparison, the previous program evaluation done in 2014. They report that the form is more straightforward, coherent and efficient, allowing for better capturing and reporting of data. ACOA focused some more recent CIG projects on newcomers and new immigrants.

Larger draw on staff capacity to align projects with these priority files in a matrix model, and increased complexity in reporting and governance structures.

Their contributions helped to ensure the relevance and usefulness of the evaluation. ACOA’s investments through CIG programming aim to increase the competitiveness of Atlantic Canada’s rural communities and businesses. Some of the funding figures available in this dataset may not be inclusive of funding received through joint programs such as the Atlantic Canada Cultural and Economic Partnership, the Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership or other A… Key informants indicated strong client demand for infrastructure supports. Some promising practices are emerging, however, such as recent efforts in Cape Breton to develop strong partnerships and relationships with Indigenous communities. ACOA supported fewer projects focused on planning through CIG programming compared to the previous evaluation period. Table 4 outlines the strategic questions with sub-questions. The evaluation finds that projects have achieved the expected outcomes of the Innovation programming. The dissolution of the regional economic development organization (REDO) model in 2012-2013 led to some gaps in capacity to coordinate and plan in some communities across the region.

18 Statistics Canada, 2016 Census of Canada. These negative impacts would have included: reduced economic development/business activity (68%); reduced tourism development opportunities (59%); reduced training and skills development opportunities (41%); deteriorated/inadequate community infrastructure/equipment (41%); and decreased quality of life/livability (39%).

BioNova also coordinates incoming and outgoing trade activities on behalf of the Atlantic Canada BioIndustries Alliance. However, opportunities exist to improve coordination and collaboration within the innovation ecosystem. ACOA is playing a more deliberate convening and pathfinding role since the previous evaluation of the programming. Available at https://www.budget.gc.ca/2017/docs/plan/budget-2017-en.pdf, William Francis Morneau, Equality + Growth: A Strong Middle Class (Ottawa: Government of Canada, February 27, 2018), p. 105. Budget 2018 outlined the new superclusters initiative, including maximizing Canada's ocean economy in Atlantic Canada.

ACOA Project Information This dataset contains information about projects that have been approved by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency since 1995. Finding 13: CIG programming has contributed to inclusive growth in communities to some extent. The program also funds projects for skills development, marketing, research and development, and strategic planning. Over half of survey respondents also indicated that the projects, in turn, contributed to stronger collaborations among community stakeholders on economic development issues. Internal key informants also expressed the importance of these relationships as they work to encourage communities to focus on achieving broader regional impacts. The Agency expended $508 million, with 91% of this spending through G&Cs and the remainder to support operational delivery costs. Peter Moreira, Atlantic Canadian Startup Community 2017, op.

Several initatives are under way to improve the quality of data, including the implementation of a new G&C information system and agreements with Revenue Canada and Statistics Canada, as well as the development of new standardized national performance indicators for, The absence of programming would have had a major negative impact on the achievement of results. Women owned only 11.9% of ACOA-assisted firms in 2015 compared to 10.8% in 2010.Footnote (43) In the innovation ecosystem, women-led start-ups receive a lower share of venture capital in Atlantic Canada compared with the rest of Canada.Footnote (44) Despite this, between 2010 and 2015, female ACOA clients not only registered higher average growth rates than male ACOA clients in a number of employment and financial indicators but also outperformed female-owned businesses from the comparable group in most areas.

Finding 2: Largely influenced by the program delivery approach, featuring a local presence and relationships with SMEs and partners, the Agency is aware of the varied needs that exist across the region. Short-term funding programs expanded the reach of ACOA existing community development programming, allowing for the provision of funding to smaller infrastructure projects in communities where it would otherwise not have been possible. Key informants indicate that strategic planning activities are often integrated into a larger G&C project rather than coded separately. A challenge in the ecosystem relates to awareness and coordination of services and supports for skill development in the region. A review of program information reveals that challenges remain with using current administrative tools to track program outcomes, including those related to newer Government of Canada priorities.

However, key informants suggest gaps in the spectrum of federal funding may exist and are influenced by the unique needs in Atlantic Canada. It's been a long time since I've played…, Being a consultant of sorts I have worked in many places in Canada and though I've not been to Newfie Land have worked alongside and consulted with a few hundred.I…. Recommendation 4: Continue to strengthen programming priorities and collaborations to better address the labour and skills shortage in the region considering the growing demographic pressures and opportunities to enhance efforts on inclusive growth and immigration. All federal departments must have a DRF that outlines their core responsibilities, expected results and programs. There are gaps in CIG staff knowledge about where to find and how to access information on available alternate funding sources for pathfinding, in particular other national programming. Footnote (2) Entrevestor reports that from 2011 to 2017, Atlantic Canada start-ups produced 27 exits, including Radian6 ($326 million) and Q1Labs (reportedly more than $600 million).Footnote (3). 2. To what extent have the design and delivery of the program addressed the business growth needs of clients in the ecosystem? However, there are gaps in the information available related to program outcomes, ACOA priorities such as inclusive growth, and the non-financial supports offered by the Agency.

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