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It is inundated with a range of character but D&D 5e aarakocra takes the cake in terms of visibility and diversity. don't worry there's holes in the back of his vest for his wings, he's also gonna be the semi-healer of the group, but since that's a secret i can't tell you what it is, also he's based on a paddle tailed roller, rose would be an ok dm but honestly i want callie to dm, is there such a thing as backseat dming bc rose would do that. First was me watching a NITW LP, and the second was a nonsense doodle loosely based on the OtGW style. Christmas/Birthday Presents for @fauntastic of his characters Klot and Tairriat! DM: …he is thoroughly intimidated by you, feeling incredibly uncomfortable even being in the same room as you out of fear.

At this point in combat, there is one NPC remaining, who is charmed by the bard, who is injured and flying 90 feet above the ground. The Aarakocra word for gargoyle is loosely translated as “flying rock,” and battles between aarakocra and gargoyles have raged across the Elemental Planes of Earth and Air, occasionally spilling into a world on the Material Plane. Bird Race, Birdfolk. Aarakocra bard name. DM: The baddie crumples to the ground, disintegrating before your eyes. This is Pluck and he’s an Aarakocra bard for a DnD oneshot! 81% Upvoted. JavaScript is disabled.

Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. My birb bard doing the things he does best: Thunderwave-ing, and thinking he’s an expert on Strahd (because he’s the only party member to have hit Strahd with an attack right now). With the addition of a Fighting Style and Smiting at Paladin level two, Bard/Paladins benefit from a Bard’s higher spell slots: the higher the spell slot expended, the more Smiting damage. D&D 5e aarakocra race do not […] The announcer walks up to the front of the podium and–. Around his neck hangs an ornate compass.

We’re about to be fighting a boss who is essentially quasi-divine in the sewers bc we just escaped from a prison he runs. It may not display this or other websites correctly. DM: You notice the circle is physical

DM: Next to the woman you see a man, who introduces himself as Darren. more of my bard boy barnaby!

It means the world to me to finally see my boy in person as it were. Their job was to be the last ones alive, and they couldn’t even manage that. Me(ooc): uhh?….

Qillek the aarakocra bard. Wizard (OOC): Oh okay, so I’ll go for [Bard]. It really brings out the personality. Our strategy has been to try to push him out of the circles he makes around himself. Darren then sheepishly explains to you that he is a werewolf. Me: I pick up the circle with both hands to tear it Background: Urchin 14,14,14,8,11,14 Cantrips: Thunderclap , Minor Illusion. Please look at my good birb boy who’s replacing my other dnd character, his name is Miki and he’s a bird bard ( aarakocra bard ) who keeps junk in his hat and mainly uses intimidation and deception to get what he wants~ He also dislikes violence, but will use cloud of daggers if anyone threatens him or his friends, and then promptly blame the daggers for the murder, I had so much fun with this commission for booter-butt, I love doing commissions of multiple characters and drawing their interactions so much! Background: Urchin. some birdy bards from my dnd campaign :) they are based on sulphur-crested cockatoo and black cockatoo. Fighter (OOC): Can I use my axe to cut off one of his wings?

So please, if you get a chance visit his page and commission him while spots are still open!

Remember that cutting words can be used on enemy athletics checks. 3.

I’m DM-ing my first campaign (a homebrew) with three newbies, two intermediate players, and one veteran. [uses Fire Bolt to cook it some more]. He is a young adult Aarakocra, a humanoid species with bird-like features. 8 comments. You are using an out of date browser.

Posted by 2 hours ago. ofc itd be cool to have a full party with more characters and i do have sketches of the alpha kids, but thats for another day. Oct 2, 2020 - Fantasy RPG game character concepts for Dungeons and Dragons/DnD/D&D 5e.

DM: I… don’t really think that’s necessary, but sure, if you want to.

I roll perception save. *lands a 16* Misc. report. DM (me): [NPC] is closest to you at 30 feet, followed by [Bard], who is about 110 feet away, in midair.

Adventure Game Industry Market Research Summary (RPGs) V1.0, TSR, WotC, & Paizo: A Comparative History, Eric Noah's Unofficial D&D 3rd Edition News, Advanced Rules Miscellany: 5th Edition Rules Modules. You send a small spark flying his way, and he bursts into flames. See more ideas about Dungeons and dragons, Fantasy rpg, Character concept. Considering even he’s seeing this go down, I’m not sure I can do that in good conscience anymore. All the while as this happens, the entire populace of the city looks on in horror.

DM(ooc): You know, there’s a very simple solution to all this. We are rarely successful. I like the enhance ability because its for 10 mins and doubles carry (400pounds) and gives advantage to str checks.

dumping some art here after nearlyyyyyyy… 8 months lol. Males were not forbidden from running for office, but society was strongly against their election, and as of the late 14 th century DR, no male had ruled for over 1,000 years. Looks fine so far. the like-80-oc-amalgamate that is my DnD character: Aiel Valkari, you never forget your first (adventuring party).

*lands nat 20* Close. DM: Umm, okay?

I have a Aarakocra bard1/rogue2. DM: Congratulations, everyone, you’ve won the battle royale. *rolls for strength* He wears a simple tunic, with a belt and baldric carrying various pouches, cartographer’s tools, and holders for scrolls and books. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. They are akin to monstrous humanoids perched up high in the mountains. First off i need to say thank to @kitkatkumquat for this amazing commission of my first Dungeons and Dragons character Shepard “Shep” Ironheart. hide . With clean, sharp details, it’s fun and easy to paint. DM(as the boss): Ok, lets make this interesting *combines blue and green magic circles that protect him from physical and elemental damage around self into one singular silver circle*

He plummets to the ground and creates a massive crater in the center of the ring, still flaming. I use Fire Bolt. The last word he hears is “YEET”.

i have enough aus, couple of sappy doodles from last session , phin is @hedgieart‘s, ruta @pomorum‘s and vaakha, cap and derek are @kupieckorzenny‘s npcs, (For context: This was in our first session; one of my friends’ characters was in a bar, the other three of us came in (I was injured I think? DnD doodle dump! Qillek Ad Khollar is one of the champions of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. [[Fighter] chops off the other wing and hands it to them], Wizard: Oh, here, let me help you with that. His face and plumage resemble those of a peregrine falcon, with large mammalian eyes and a hooked beak. DM: Wow, okay, so you’ve just killed [Bard]. In our very first session, I dropped my players into a total-stranger battle royale. Aarakocra bard name. you’re welcome everyone. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Misc. His face and plumage resemble those of a peregrine falcon, with large mammalian eyes and a hooked beak.


[Fighter rolls strength, proceeds to chop off a wing and begin cleaning it], Fighter (OOC): Does this give me any HP? Either I die or you die, either way it’s a win win situation. He appears to be close friends with the woman. ), blah blah blah basic first meeting).

He dies a broken man. [gains 3 HP], Druid (a newbie): Ooh, lemme get in on that! I have a Aarakocra bard1/rogue2. He conceals the absence of his wing beneath a red cloak he wears around his neck. Qillek ad khollar from the high rollers Aerois D&D stream, —  [proceeds to roll a 20, with 8 damage]. Playing a homebrew campaign. With this description and based on the art provided, we’ve sculpted this amazing 28mm scale mini for Dungeons and Dragons 5 edition. Bottom: Zenamur (@moon-wolfie), Skye (@nittany-tiger), Qo’norok (@asklightking), Aurora (me), Rhiakka (@heartsy-artsy-pony) - art by @little-forest-art. © 2020 Furry and the Beast. This was supposed to be a celebration and a test to help the king to find the most capable adventurers for a noble quest. We specialize in modelling for 3D printing and miniatures development for entrepeneurs. mayo 06, 2020 ; Qillek Ad Khollar is one of the champions of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. where I like enlarge alot (go big or small) and allows me to grapple huge creatures but its still only 400 pounds and its just for 1 min so i like the option but believe ill use enhance ability more. Bard/Paladin: If you want to be a fighting Bard, this multiclass is probably your best option, as both Bards and Paladins utilize high Charisma. Fighter (OOC): Yeah, that’s an instant death. These aarakocra females were chosen by democratic elections, and each ruled over one of over 100 extended families. My pure boi got to buy bread and cakes, got signed up for a fight and became possessed and went on a rampage- he won though! Me: and as I tear it in half, I yell “THIS BITCH PHYSICAL, YEET!” He is a young adult Aarakocra, a humanoid species with bird-like features.

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