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10 ways to control pollution


(18) Require installation of control equipment only if possible; encourage installation through tax benefits. Brown paper bags can be used for packing ang wrapping and is a great option to control pollution. Avoid noises; both at the neighbourhood level (open exhausts, horns, music strong) as domestically. Using devices for filtering smoke in chimneys of factories and powerhouses. Such areas should be developed around densely populated cities. (20) Adoption of least polluting technology: A similar strategy must be followed with regard to process emissions in order to reduce the every formation of pollutants by adopting the least polluting technology wherever possible. Being aware and changing our habits is the only way to reversing negative actions we have adopted in our modern lifestyles. (13) Massive research and development effort should be instituted in the institutes of higher learning and by the Govt.

This can reduce the pollution load to about 60% in cities. 10 Ways To Control Pollution. 10. Newly designed smoke free furnaces should be used. The burning of combustible materials such as coal produces poisonous gases that are released into the air. two × = 6. Green products like detergents, cleansers , chemical formula’s are less harmful and dissolve in water easily. How to Control Pollution ? Should You Choose UPVC Doors For Your Bathrooms? Invest in hybrid and green vehicles, use public transport whenever possible, and keep your vehicles serviced on time to keep your vehicle’s harmful emissions under control. Try to control the temperature or loads on air conditioners, refrigerators, furnaces and gysers. When you become aware of the adverse effects of pollution on the environment, is when you start looking for ways to improve the situation. Eating less meat is a good option to control energy and water. Environment, Pollution, How to, Control Pollution, Terms of Service Privacy Policy Contact Us. 10 Ways to Reduce and Control Air Pollution. (10) Incorporation of improved process design will increase the longevity of equipment.

The USA, Japan and other OECD countries of Europe are currently actively engaged in reviewing their technology and are even undertaking process changes wherever feasible to reduce pollutant formation, or finding suitable methods for its dilution and treatment. When it comes to installing wind-resistant windows or weatherproof doors, make sure you choose a manufacturer that uses green processes and offers products that are environment-friendly. It will save energy and utilize less natural resources.

It is here that the various industry associations on best help themselves.

(11) Govt. 9. Some of the measures to reduce and control air pollution are as follows: What are the Causes and Effects of Land Pollution? Except the produced food which has traveled 1000-2000 miles to reach there and even need refrigeration to survive. Required fields are marked *, Prove You\'re Human * Now, what’s our role in it? (8) The Govt. While a lot of places have banned plastic bags, it is still a good idea to carry your own bags when you head to the market for some shopping. Land pollution has a very negative impact on the health of plants, humans and animals. Plant tree in your garden and it will give you shadow when it will get mature. But as we are living and breathing in this planet it is our duty to control pollution and make the contribution in making awareness to control the pollution in every individual, so that environment become pollution less.

Green products are environmentally responsible.

Air Pollution can be defined as anything that contaminates the air to an extent that makes the air dangerous to breathe. A lot of pollution can be controlled by simply buying local food. should provide facilities to increase hydroelectric power wherever possible and bio gas production for rural areas to reduce pollution. Buying green products is a best method to prevent pollution. Electric engines should be used instead of steam or diesel engines. By NMK On Dec 30, 2016 0.

so that appropriate, low cost and effective methods of pollution control can be achieved. Rainwater harvesting is another measure you should look into during the monsoons. Even though some initiative needs to be taken by authorities, individual habits still can make a big impact. Brown paper bags can be used for packing ang wrapping and is a great option to control pollution. (3) There are some industries which collect the dust and convert the same into saleable goods. Reduce the use of consumables and invest in reusable items instead of disposable ones. that do not use chemicals. (2) The generated pollutants from industries must be arrested before they are passed into the air. The impact of air pollution on human health includes impairment of health, respiratory problems, allergies, etc. The combination of these factors can then have a negative impact on wildlife. In industries there should be the arrangement for pollution control. Take  your own bag when you go for shopping instead of taking plastic bags from the store which cause so much pollution. 1 windows and doors brand, with presence in more than 150 cities across the country. Adequate preventive measures should be adopted to protect the forests. The rise in pollution has been unprecedented in the past few decades. Air pollution happens when pollutants are carelessly discharged into the air. A process has been developed in Water Pollution Lab. Waste products from households like paper, plastic, cloth can be recycled at dump place. There are others which produce the waste which could be converted into useful by products. But while other countries are taking serious measures to prevent and control pollution, other states are taking only isolated actions. This involves selection of proper equipment for treating waste as well as arresting pollutants. These days, weatherproof doors and windows are made with materials that have minimal impact on the environment, which, in itself, is an added benefit for the environment. Why are uPVC Windows and Doors Ideal for Your House? 1. For example, if you have a compost pile, you need to ensure it is properly protected from the environment.

Adequate forest cover is essential for maintaining the quality of air. Ways to control Pollution are: 10. Use of railway steam engine should be stopped. The forest cover should be protected. Further, air pollution greatly impacts ecological diversity and environmental sustainability. Monsoon proof windows and doors can keep a lot of elements out of your home, but that doesn’t mean that you should forget about them. You need to pay a little more attention during the monsoons.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In other words, air pollution indicates the existence of impure, unsafe, and hazardous substances in the air. Water pollution may disrupt human life to a great extent. (19) Prompt development of supporting infrastructures.

(4) The metal oxides and metals such as Cr, V, Cd, Cu, and Fe etc. With its diverse capabilities, deep knowledge of the Indian market, and global technologies,It has produced and installed over 2 million windows that can withstand India's extreme climatic conditions.Today,Fenesta has firmly established itself as India's no. Environmental pollution is reaching such extremes in the world that man seems determined to destroy the living environment. (17) Allow discharge of pollutants to the ambient environment to the extent possible to benefit from disposal by dilution. Trees absorbs carbon-dioxide (CO2) and releases oxygen (O2). We can buy recycled labelled products to support nature. Keep hold of your trash until you get home or at least until you can find a proper place to dispose of it. Top 10 Ways to Control Pollution. should encourage scientific societies and scientific newspapers to create awareness among people about pollution and environment. Industrial areas should be located at a safe distance from the residential areas.

Nowdays, cause of so much pollution is human activities itself. This pollution can also lead to an unpleasant atmospheric effect known as acid rain, where the pH of rainwater is turned acidic by the pollutants. The heat generated in the process should also be channelised to useful purposes. 3. Nowdays, cause of so much pollution is human activities itself. Green products need less packaging and and can also be seen as a charity in environment. in and around such industrial setups. And you will get money back from government for using less electricity.

From creating a compost pile to having a separate bin for your recyclables, ensure that the ways in which you dispose of your daily waste are good for the environment. Green products are made specially keeping in the mind the concept of controlling pollution. 5.

People should be encouraged to share the vehicle, and to avoid vehicles for short distances. Pollution was increased after the World War 2  fall out of atomic and neuclear weapons. In many places E-waste  method is growing so fast that it helps in keeping harmful products end in local ecosystem. When you become aware of the adverse effects of pollution on the environment, is when you start looking for ways to improve the situation. 10 Ways to Control Water Pollution. Air pollution happens when pollutants are carelessly discharged into the air. Green belts should be created. Planting trees also increase the oxygen level in the environment and you can also grow vegetables. Here are few essential ways that will help to prevent air, water and land pollution. In that respect, your home is the best place to start. While installing weatherproof doors and windows can go a long way in keeping the indoor pollution under control, you need to do your part for the outdoor air as well. Forest fires should be checked. © 2017 EnvironmentalPollution - All rights reserved, Top 4 Ways to Reduce Noise at Office | Noise Pollution, Top 5 Elemental Cycles Involved in the Treatment of Sewage, Causes of Water Pollution in India (7 Answers), Causes of Water Pollution: Essay, Paragraph, Article and Speech. It may take a long time to bring it under control, and for that, becoming self-aware is important. Old automobile engines should be replaced by new ones. Reasons To Choose UPVC Doors Over Metal Or Wooden Doors.

We all should become aware of the growing air-pollution and the need to take steps to make it free from pollution. 10 Ways How to Reduce Air Pollution: Use of public transport: Use Public Transportation to Reduce Air Pollution. If one is not having the garden, they can also grow small plants and flowers in their rooms. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. One should be aware of Electricity use also.

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